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Beer and peanut allergies

Hi, My name is Michael and next month I'll be turning 21. Now obviously beer has very few ingredients unless you get into some of the more fancier brews. But my question is, is it safe to drink beer with a peanut allergy? (I'm severely allergic to Peanuts, tree nuts, peas, and well almost all legumes except to beans, which I stay away from just in case and will have an anaphylaxis reaction if ingested) I know this is probably a stupid question and in fact I have even had 2 or 3 beers a few years ago, but that was before I really started monitoring what I was eating/drinking. I know it can make having a reaction even easier to peanuts but it's not like I would be eating them anyways. I guess I just would like to see what y'all had to say on the subject just because most threads I'm reading are from 10 years ago and with me turning 21 next month even though I don't plan on drinking a lot it would be nice just to have one beer without any worry (just a normal brand like Coors, Budwieser, or Miller.. I already am planning to stay away from wines, liquors, mixed drinks, etc etc. It's just beer that I have a concern with. Thank you for any posts, advice, and tips you may have!

By Ashkay274 on Mon, 07-27-15, 21:14

I'm PA and I've never had a problem with wines, or any liquors ive tried. While ive had beer once and didnt care for it I have had mikes hard lemonade and smirnoff with no problems (they are malt beverages similar to beer). Wines are pretty standard for being all grape / fruit based

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By Elizabeth344 on Fri, 07-17-15, 05:09

Michael I just found this and have the same allergies as you do, I was wondering what you have tried that has been safe?

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By smithdcrk on Sun, 07-13-14, 19:03

You mentioned that you have reacted to pizza, too? Beer is one of our most ancient fermented beverages. Like bread it is based on grains, hops and yeast. Microbreweries do put some odd ingredients in their recipes, but basic beer should be ok ... unless you are also grain (wheat, corn, barley, rye ...) hops, yeast allergic/intolerant. All except for hops can be in bread and pizza. In fact, I make bread from the spent grain leftover from my husband's home brew.

By cathlina on Mon, 06-16-14, 02:03

If you are allergic to eggs, some beers use egg allergen to create the foam. Also, used in some wines.

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By mjpreuss on Thu, 05-29-14, 03:54

Hello! I am also severely allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and soy and recently turned 21. Pretty much all beers and liquors should be safe. Just avoid amaretto since that is made with almonds! Hope this isn't too late to help!

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By MKBarcl68 on Sat, 08-03-13, 18:01

Just a personal note here. Ironically, when I was 21, I consumed beer and had a god awful sneezing and wheezing fit..Basically it went on for about 20 minutes, to the embarrasment of me and my date(who is now my wife...lol). I am not a drinker and really could not figure out what that was all about. Fast forawrd to about 10 years later, I had a Miller Lite to celebrate my Brother-In-Law's homecoming from the Marines..Within 20 minutes, I had the sneezing fit, watery eyes, and my throat started to close up!! Had to be rushed by ambulance to the hospital with severe anaphylaxis...Very scary!! Now I did discover that I am PN/TN allergic...not sure if that was the trigger or maybe another ingredient...however, please use caution...Again, each individual is different, and maybe my reaction was to a different item like a brewers yeast(I have had anaphylaxis to different pizzas, and a even everything bagels)...but really, you are not missing a thing anyway!!...I have had champange and even Jack Daniels with no issues...Again, this was just my situation.

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By Craftsbyashley1989 on Mon, 06-16-14, 20:00

it may have been the Hops in the beer also. my mom and grandpa are both allergic to hops

By LGriffin1 on Mon, 07-29-13, 18:13

No need to shy away from mixed drinks. I actually prefer them. If you're really curious visit the brewery. I developed a taste for Sam Adams winter lager. I'm more of a wine drinker and stick to my local places. My biggest advice is don't drink too much and assess the situation. Find a designated driver of even a friend and go over the Epi with them. Wear your medical jewelry. This is especially good for BBQ cookout types of parties. Other than that, go to beer festivals where you can talk to the company and try stuff out.

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By Vrobertson88 on Mon, 07-29-13, 18:10

I have a peanut, tree nut, coconut, and sesame allergy. I drink Corona, Corona Light, Bud Light, Bud Light Lime, Yeungling, and Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale and have never had a problem with any of them. Hope this is helpful! Happy Birthday! Enjoy!

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