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Advice please! re peanuts in healthcare office

1st time poster, longtime mom with allergic kids. I need advice please! My 15 year old is in independent study high school because of managing many allergies. Airborne peanuts, fragrances and inhalant chemicals seem to be the worst culprits. Her orthodontist has a policy of offering cookies to the patients, their siblings and parents in the form of cookies on a counter. They have a "game room". The little ones take any number of cookies and proceed to crumble them, suck on them even eat them on occasion. Then they go to the game room and play on all the electronics. I have my daughter steer clear of the area every time, because they won't remove the cookies "just for her". We are weeks away from getting the braces off, but today I took if upon myself to speak to the office about the dangers of a little child coming in and experiencing a reaction in the game room. The office staff were clearly angry, and I received a good lecture on how the child has to eat the peanut in order to react. Sure, that's why my daughter had to epi pen after breathing in her friends peanut butter sandwhich! And furthermore, why was I complaining when I don't have little ones anyway? Are they right? Am I getting out of control? I tried to explain that since they were a healthcare office, they needed to be a safe haven. Who gives out cookies at the dentist anyways? I would appreciate your thoughts on how far we should expect the dr.'s offices to bend for allergic kids. Thanks.

By Saralinda on Tue, 10-15-13, 17:54

Pure and simple. Get a new orthodontist.

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By thekilij on Tue, 10-15-13, 16:48

Personally, I would have more of a problem with a dental office that has the audacity to serve a sweetened processed food like cookies to children in general rather than the potential allergen issue for my individual child.

If they were angry about your request, I would not feel welcomed, and would find a different orthodontist, even if it were to just remove the braces. I would also see if I could post a review online about the orthodontist to warn others about the unfriendly nature toward those with nut allergies, as well as those who value overall dietary health for their children.

So sorry to hear about your troubles. I wish the best to you and your family.

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By ParentofPAChildMI on Wed, 10-09-13, 10:11

Healthcare facilities, Doctors and Dental offices have a right to have food on premise however food should be kept away from patients or in a designated area i.e. cafeteria or at minimum "on the way out the door" take it home and sealed in a wrapper. I actually installed an AED for a Dentist and while we were in his office he mentioned I should bring my family to him. While sitting there I noticed a very large glass jar of cashew's. Immediately I asked "wow, you must like cashews that is a huge jar" the Dentist said "yea I grab a handful between patients all day long, they give me the needed energy". I then said "well you would also potentially kill my son the minute you breathed or touched him". He was shocked and said he never thought about how that might impact a patient with peanut allergies????? Just because they are "Medical/Dental" practitioners, doesn't mean they think outside the box. You have a right to demand a safe environment for your child, I would speak directly to the Orthodontist as his liability just broadened!

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By roxyrodriguez on Tue, 10-15-13, 19:00

I agree with last person. Don't bother with the staff. Go directly to the dentist. They're the ones who are in charge.

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