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504 plan

My daughter is anaphylactic to peanuts/tree nuts and has been to ER multiple times, 2 from incidents at school. She is now in 10th grade and has never had a 504 plan but I seek lots of others with them, should I try to get her on a plan? Please share your opinion and pros/cons of the 504. Thank you

By mom1995 on Thu, 09-08-16, 00:42

I can only say from our journey and what we learned. The only way you can hold the school accountable for her safety is with a 504. It is also an opportunity to set expectations on both sides as to how emergency's are to handled. My daughter is about to be 21 and we had a 504 every year. It changed through the years. By 10th grade it was more about what she was going to do when presented with dangerous events. Our plan gave her the ability to leave ANY situation and go dirrectly to the nurses office. She only had to tell the closest person and leave. She also learned to advocate for herself and it was crucial in her learning to stand up to any adult when she was in danger. That has served her well in college and at work.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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