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The Arizona Republic 9/2/99 ran a paragragh on the front cover of the Healty Living section called "Imaginary allergies": Only about 1 percent of...
My peanut-allergic son shares the same peanut-free preschool with another peanut-allergic child. I met with the other child's mother for dinner last...
There has been a recall issued on several lot numbers of Ana-kits (News at 11:00pm on August 28th.) If you use Ana-kit please check with your...
Before my computer crashed last month I had found a wonderful site regarding Grade 1. It was a detailed account on how to explain to the children...
I just joined this website a few days ago. But after reading umpteen postings and finally glad to be able to share some of my concerns and anxiety it...
Mary Member posted May 18, 1999 12:00 PM
I have just received the August-September FAN news letter. I would like share my thoughts about the front page article of the FAN newsletter about...
The BBC will be running some allergy awareness programmes next week - week commencing 7th September. I can't see a web page on it yet, but I expect...
I have just discovered this web site and am hoping someone can answer this question. Is there a generally used number for how many people have...
I am having a hard time getting this issue across to a new principal and school staff. I stated last May and still not in place. Did you all...

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