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I just bought this book at Sam's Club ($5.95, List price $9.95, 181 pages) by Time Life Books. It is a great easy to read book to help you understand...
Our daughter was diagnosed with PA when she was about 13 months old. I had noticed a reaction to peanut butter, her cheeks turned bright red, and...
Hi all, I'm brand new here. My DS 16 months old has anaphylactic allergies to dairy and eggs and a PA. I have a bunch of questions and hope you guys...
What is soya, exactly?
The other day I read a post pertaining to the expiration date of epipens. (Unfortuantely I can't locate it now in order to respond.) The discussion...
I work as a teaching assistant in a small school where none of the students have severe food allergies. My 5-yr. old son is severely pa and attends a...
I am a school nurse, as well as a mother of a 2.5 year old son with PA. I have a few kids in my schools with PA and I would like to use a lesson...
The FAN newsletter stated that all Rice Dream frozen desserts are run on shared equipment with nuts and peanuts. My son has a PA and also very...
My 25 month old PA daughter is being potty trained right now. We have been in the house all week long, with the exception of the backyard to play in...
My 14 month old dd had her first round of skin tests done today. They tested her for eight things, including peanuts. They were all NEGATIVE! The...

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