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Little Caesar\'s pizza

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By jeancbpugh on Tue, 04-27-04, 17:52

Susan Zoma
Manager of Customer Service
Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.

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Hiba Kakish
04/26/04 04:27 PM

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LC pizza does not contain any nuts or nut derivatives (see question # 32 on the inquiries list)

Hiba Kakish
Food Technologist
Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.
Phone: (248) 442-4553
Fax: (248) 442-4509
e-mail: [email][email protected][/email]

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By erik on Tue, 04-27-04, 21:53

I have eaten at Little Caesar as well (in Canada)

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By Nicole1401 on Wed, 04-28-04, 00:44

We eat Little Caesars (US) too without incident.
Just an FYI-- About 6 months ago ours offered slices of pie that included tree nuts of some kind. The pies were not baked in the store--only cut there. The pies are gone now and it is currently scoopable ice cream that they offer (no nut flavors).

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