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little bumps all over hands ... anyone know what this is?

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By KATHYANN on Sat, 01-08-05, 13:19

For the last week my son has had little tiny bumps or pimples all over his hands and alittle up his wrists. I first thought it was because he washes his hands so often and then doesn't dry them very well. They had gotten worse and yesterday we went to the doctor..She had no clue and gave us Elidel for eczema. Has anyone else had this ? Do I have to worry that this could be an allergic reaction to something? Would greatly appreciate any info.. he says they itch just alittle... thanks. Kathy Ann

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By jayD on Sat, 01-08-05, 14:12

My older daughter gets this alot- I can't remember the exact term the Dr. called it , but basically, it is linked to her eczema. It can either be from an allergic reaction,contact dermatitus from a soap etc., or just very very dry skin. Hers sometimes almost looks like a burn across the back of her hands and wrists. the elidel seems to help it alot, as well as Eucerin cream applied after hand washing and baths to seal in the moisture. She deals with it all winter, and a few outbreaks in summer with grass/contact allergies. good luck! jen

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By TRexFamily on Sat, 01-08-05, 14:14

Eczema can be caused by food or environmental allegies. However, since it's just on his hands which he washes frequently, it might be contact dermatitis. Have you changed soaps recently? Alternatively, he might be reacting to a soap you have used for awhile and may need to switch to a gentler/milder hand soap.


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By Kim M on Sat, 01-08-05, 16:02

I know if my hands get very, very dry I get an itchy, bumpy rash on them, and it takes a while for it to go away, even after I start moisterizing. I would use a good moisterizer on them and see if that helps, but it might take a couple days.

I was initially going to suggest Hand-Foot-Mouth disease, but if you've been to the doctor I assume they've ruled that out.

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By BelindaA on Sat, 01-08-05, 21:51

I have the same problem. I've only gotten a few bumps, but they do itch. My hands will look really red and splotchy, and be very dry. It usually happens after washing my hands a lot. I've been using Aveeno balancing bar soap and Curel lotion, and it has helped a lot.

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By becca on Sun, 01-09-05, 00:21

In winter, dd and I get very rashy hands if we do not lotion alot. It seems to be from antibacterial soaps(contact dermatitis) and not enough dryong. They get chapped and rashy. Maybe the pimply stuff could be a fungal invasion from chapping or eczema?

I would use a very simple cleanser and dry very well, and use a simple moisture cream after. Whatever usually works for you(we love vanicrean after reading about it here). One tub has lasted us a year, after getting it for ds's face lat Jan.. ONly thing that cleared his facial eczemalast winter! becca

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By Marizona on Sun, 01-09-05, 01:18

My son had that also. The doctor called it something like dyshydrosis, and said it is a variant of excema. However, another time he had something similar and it turned out to be scabies. It was a huge pain to get rid of. It itched like crazy.

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By Edinview on Sun, 01-09-05, 04:16

I get these itchy bumps too. And as others have described in their replies, it seems to be a result of too much hand washing. Consistent application of vanicream after washing, and every time my hands feel dry seems to help most. But this is difficult to keep up when I have to actually do things with my hands such as housework, or driving or other bothersome/necessary tasks.

The only thing that really helped me was when I switched my diet to fresh fruits and fresh or cooked vegetables, lean meat, beans, lentils, and one meal a day with whole grain bread, brown rice, or whole grain pasta. Just cutting out all processed foods for 3 days effected a cure for my hands - I used to live on potato chips, sausages, frozen chicken bites, etc. You could try it, and if nothing else, you'll have a lot of healthy food in the meanwhile.

If you don't want to limit your carb intake to one meal a day, just make sure they are whole grains. This was a Weight Watcher diet which I switched to, they offered 2 different plans and the other plan wasn't working for me- I'd been trying it for the past year and found it too difficult to deal with stress without eating.

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