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List of safe foods

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By qdebbie1 on Sun, 08-07-05, 20:27

I am giving this to my sons teacher to give to parents who are looking for more info. I also am hopeful I will soon find a church and be able to give this to them as well. Any suggestions of other foods I left out or something I may have incorrect would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
This is a list of some safe products as of August of this year. Manufacturers change ingredients from time to time so be sure to read the package. It is best to stick with trusted well-known name brands. There may be other products not listed that are safe. Please send in the package with complete ingredients listed or call the school nurse to review the ingredients.

Starting in January 2006, the FDA will require that all foods containing the top 8 allergens, which includes peanut, be listed in bold print and plain English. There are very few rare other names for peanut. Typically this is with foods from a foreign country.

These are the main ingredients to watch for:
Peanut Oil
Peanut Flour
These are the warnings on a package to watch for:
May contain peanuts
Process on shared equipment with peanuts
Manufactured in a facility that uses peanuts

Bakeries are commonly known for the threat of cross contamination with peanut products. It is preferred to use store bought cookies and snacks. The following bakeries can be used for cupcakes only, not cookies;
Harris Teeter
Lowes Foods

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By Drew's mom on Sun, 08-07-05, 21:33

Wow Debbie! Good work!! That's a great list.

I know that everyone has different comfort zones for their children. My only concern with the list would be the Hostess products. We don't feel comfortable trusting their "check the code on the box" attitude. As we all know manufactures can (and do) change procedures all the time. The codes can change meanings at any time. Without a "may contain" warning that I can read with my own eyes, we feel these items are just too risky - especially for school when we aren't right there. (However, I know that many here do trust Hostess.) Different comfort zones in different circumstances. KWIM?

Again, great work!!!

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By d's mom on Mon, 08-08-05, 00:22

Let's say you give this list to the teacher.

Would you allow your child to eat any of these no matter where they originated from? I guess what I'm getting at is; if a cake made from a cake mix that is on your 'safe list' came in from another parent, would you let your child eat it?

~cross contaimination from the other parent's baking pans/utensils etc.

This is not something Non PA parents think about when they're baking.

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