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List of Peanut Free Schools!!!

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By Chris PeanutAllergy Com on Sat, 04-24-99, 04:19

I would like everyone to post schools that they know are peanut free. Put as much info as you know about them. I know there are a lot of them in the United States and Canada. I would like to see if there are some in other countries as well . Please put the name address including country, phone and anything else you know about it. Reply to this post when posting them to keep the information organized. Please do some searching for them if you can also.

Stay Safe,


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By Chris PeanutAllergy Com on Sat, 04-24-99, 04:29

We have people with peanut allergy who would like to know where these schools are, some are so frustrated with their schools, they feel they need to move to find a safe one! Some single parents have a very hard time trying to get (and keep) the school safe while they do everything else they have to do, and have told me they would like to move because their school is not safe, but they cannot even afford to move.

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By dhumphries on Sun, 04-25-99, 00:33

My day care and preschool recently went peanut free and are very astute in reading labels on food products to keep my son safe. My school is:

First Baptist Church Child Developement Center
1305 Wildcat
Portland, Texas 78374

The assistant director, Sue Bohn, was instrumental in getting the center to go peanut free.

Portland is a small community (could be considered a suburb) of Corpus Christi, Texas.

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By kalpertk on Sat, 09-04-99, 14:36

My sons preschool, when he was there, became peanut free. I believe that it still is. It is TOTS Cooperative Nursery School
19 W. Main St.
Moorestown, NJ 08057 (609)234-8515
My daughter "graduated" two years ago and at that point it was peanut free. In fact they became very aware of allergies and were wonderful to work with.

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By Patti on Sun, 09-05-99, 20:15

The preschool where my two sons went and my peanut allergic daughter will go went peanut free as of last year. It is
East Hanover Cooperative Nursery School
469 Ridgedale Avenue
East Hanover, NJ 07936
The director's name is Fran DiFrancisco

I have to say I do not have anyone personally attending the school now that it is peanut free so I don't know how thorough they are. But I will be sending my daughter there probably half way throught next year.

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By StartingOver on Sun, 04-29-07, 17:00

St. John's Episcopal Church Preschool in Wake Forest, NC is peanut free!

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By NicoleinNH on Sun, 04-29-07, 18:19

Rivier College Early Childhood Center
Nashua, NH
Preschool, Kindergarten, and daycare

Full-time nurse on site
All staff is epi-pen trained
Peanut-free; Nut-free and they will make certain classrooms free of allergens when necessary for a child
**The nurse/teachers make wheat-free play-dough due to wheat allergies, they make their own bird seed**
Parents must sign a form that they agree to the peanut-, nut-free rule and have read the school-provided info about food allergies

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By MimiM on Sun, 04-29-07, 19:58

Jewish Community Center
Owings Mills, MD
Early Childhood Department

Preschool 2s through Kindergarten:

-All snacks and cooking projects are nut free and kosher.

-Snack closet can be inspected by parents if desired.

-Only treat for parties permitted is Krispy Kreme (unless milk, wheat or egg allergy present too.)

-Full time nurse present.
Staff trained about food allergies and Epipen use.

Kids eat in their classroom but no peanut butter or nut products are allowed.

Great program!

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By JennB on Sun, 04-29-07, 22:02

Block Island Early Learing Center, Block Island, Rhode Island became peanut free, when my daughter tested positive. We are so grateful !

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By turlisa on Tue, 05-01-07, 01:30

Miller School (elementary k-5) (SAD 40 elementary schools included)
Rt 32
Waldoboro, ME 04572

is peanut free.

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By safetyfirst on Tue, 05-01-07, 01:47

Otterbein Elementary School(k-6)
Boswell Elementary School(k-6)
Prairie Crossing School(k-6)
Benton Community Jr. Sr. High(7-12)
All in Benton County Indiana!

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By hopechapel on Wed, 05-02-07, 05:45


Lake champlain Waldorf School - Shelburne VT.

Admissions lady said they had a child there once who was aerosol sensitive and so they vecuumed room out with a HEPA vacuum. They seemed experienced with the issue and unafraid of it. (we did not go there - not firsthand).

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By ConcernedDa on Thu, 05-03-07, 00:56

My PA son is in Kindergarten in a private Catholic school. It is Peanut and Tree Nut free. "May Contains" and "Made in a facility" products are not allowed.

Our Lady of Peace
99 South Street
New Providence, NJ 07974
(908) 464-8567

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By cynde on Thu, 05-03-07, 03:01

Sunrise Ridge Elementary
Cloverdale, BC

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By 3xy1PAinNH on Tue, 05-08-07, 03:39

Chapel School (preschool)
Nashua NH

Lamb's workshop (preschool) Prek-K
Bedford NH

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By melissa on Tue, 05-08-07, 12:50

Fincastle Preschool
Fincastle VA
(very small parent run school ages 3 and 4)


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By hopechapel on Thu, 05-10-07, 15:03

Waldorf of Atlanta

They have a nut-free Kindergarten room and flour free for their celiac child.

Only bummer is school events are often pot-luck and often the allergic children do not attend.

But -- teacher in the K seemed very conscious and conscientious.

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By LindyLovesA on Thu, 05-10-07, 22:09

Rainbow Preschool in Troy MI is PN free and the coordinator is really good about safe snacks.


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By SusieT-R on Fri, 05-11-07, 23:48

The Baldwin School (K-12), Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Nut free
The Shipley School (K-12), Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Nut free
The Haverford School (K-12). Nut free
Adath Israel Preschool - Peanut Free. Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

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By Danielle on Tue, 05-15-07, 01:45

Pendelton school at IMG Sports Academy Bradenton, Florida
academic school, sports academy campus peanut and nut free None in vending machines or cafeterias and monitored as much as possible on campus. Peanut/nut free snacks delivered to pre-K - 2 nd grade by mom with children with food allergies. All birthday cupcakes and school event foods are also free of peanuts and nuts and if necessary other allergens. Nurses and numerous people on campus trained in allergic reactions and use of epi. Also accomodates other allergies such as wheat and sunflower. Peanut/nut free signs posted throughout campus. Letter sent at beginning of year to all parents/students so that they understand allergen policy. Allergen friendly products such as Phillyswirl and allerenergy bars sold at deli on campus.

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By mom of L&C on Sat, 05-26-07, 21:58

I too would like to know a list of schools that have banned peanut butter. I am trying to get my sons elementary school to ban pb. Not only is he allergic, but my youngest one is as well. He will be going next year. My oldest has been thru h%$% this past year and so have I. THANK GOD he has not had a reaction, BUT it is a battle to keep him safe. It don't think it should be. Am I wrong?

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By Momcat on Sun, 05-27-07, 00:48

Kindercare Learning Center, Fremont, CA

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By jdsobrien on Tue, 05-29-07, 04:12

No -- You are not wrong. Possibly tired, frustrated, scared, angry, sad, exhausted, but not wrong. I have now fought for three years to get my son's school to wake up about food allergies. My DS is highly -- allergic to all nuts and sesame. In fact this weekend we were in the ER due to transfer (i.e. somewhere between a waffle and some candy we thought was safe - someone touched a nut and touched what he ate). I have begged, pleded, and threatened the school. It is a constant battle -- you hit the nail on the head. It gives me faith to scroll down the page and see that children with nut allergies can go to school each day in a safe environment. I hope we all get there some day. I learned today that McDonalds (at least in Southern Michigan) no longer serve nuts with their ice cream due to individuals with allergies. Amazing...

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By artlvr on Tue, 08-21-07, 02:14

Fort Zumwalt School District
St. Charles County, Missouri

Wife to Joel (since 1999)
SAHM to:
DS1 (May 2003) PA since Feb 2004
DS2 (Jan 2006) KNA

[i]"With God all things are possible." ~ Matthew 19:26[/i]

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By Katoomba on Thu, 11-15-07, 14:45

My son's daycare is peanut-free.

Childcare Network
Durham, NC

They run 150 daycare/preschools in the southeast and it is my understanding that being peanut-free is a global policy for all schools. The staff has been great and they manage egg, nut, dairy and soy allergies in my son's class alone.

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By 1orangetabbycat on Thu, 12-06-07, 15:25

I am currently looking for a Peanut Free school in south eastern Pennsylvania. Anywhere from West Chester, Allentown, Reading, King of Prussia, Exton, Main Line, Lancaster. I'd like a school that does more than preschool, but at this point, I'd take preschool. Can anyone help?

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By psufan1996 on Fri, 12-21-07, 03:39

McCarran Child Development Center in Las Vegas Nevada.

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By Topaz on Mon, 01-14-08, 06:54

Knowledge Beginnings (infant care to extended care for elementary school students)
Vancouver, WA

Also, KinderCare Learning Centers are all peanut free in the U.S., I believe.

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By Chris on Tue, 01-15-08, 14:45

Re: List of Peanut Free Schools!!!
Any studies or lists found on this topic, or in the process of being done that you know about? The media is inquiring also so please post what you find as we have directed them to this thread.

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By tammy brunk on Wed, 05-05-10, 16:44

this is for #24 how did you get it done..we are fighting to get a safe school in st joe mo. my grandson could die from it being on another childs breath. At an awards garthering they were handing out pb cookies. his mom caught his hand in time..THANK GOD!!! We need help.. anyone that can give pointers on this fight please do. [email protected]

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By tammy brunk on Wed, 05-05-10, 16:49

anyone in the st joe area that knows someone with a peanut allergy please e-mail me we are fighting to get a peanut free school here in st joe. [email protected]

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By dsadler on Sat, 05-22-10, 00:59

Holy Trinity School in Norfolk,VA offers grade K3 to 8th. Holy Trinity is a Food Allergy Aware School. All teachers and staff receive epi-pen training. Teachers are up to date on all individual emergency plans (even if they do not have an allergic child in their class). For more information you can call the school at 757-583-1873. Holy Trinity School, 154 W. Government Ave. Norfolk, VA. 23503. My daughter is deadly allergic to peanuts. She has attended the school for 3 years with no problems.

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By [email protected] on Sat, 07-03-10, 15:47

looking for nut free schools near syracuse ny

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By PNTNfreemom on Wed, 07-28-10, 16:26

New Enterprise Academy
An excellent private school for preK (age 3) through 5th grade in O'Fallon, Illinois (suburb of St. Louis, MO).

A peanut and tree nut-free school. This school is very willing to work with other allergies, too, as needed.


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By zeena2 on Sat, 09-11-10, 22:04

Are there any peanut free schools in O'Fallon for middle schoolers?

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By Mrsdocrse on Sat, 07-31-10, 16:51

Kindercare Learning Center - I believe all are nut free.

Witchcraft Heights Elemantary - Salem, MA

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By pnutfreemamma on Thu, 08-05-10, 01:35

My son is about to enter Kindergarten and is severely allergic to peanuts. He can not be touched by anything containing peanuts! Immediate reaction occurs...so how will someone get to him in time with his Epi-pen which stays in the office when another child touches him or his supplies after eating PB&J or the PB cookies they serve on a regular basis? They can seclude him but that still does not ensure the other kids will wash hands to keep him safe. Seems like no one gets the seriousness of this/his allergy. The lunch coordinator doesn't know what is safe and what isn't!!! There is finally a childcare center in Clarksville, TN (just down the road) that is peanut free!! I will be trying to get the school to go peanut free, any advice?
#20...Not Wrong

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By pnutfreemamma on Thu, 08-05-10, 01:42

#22... It so relieving to know we are not the only ones!! I was beginning to wonder if my son was the only one with the touch and transfer effect of peanuts and peanut products! Even a few family members think it is just over protective mamma syndrome, but they have not had the misfortune of experiencing the poisoning. It is serious and scary stuff. Good luck, Take care and God Bless!

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By sodapup on Fri, 09-03-10, 23:06

Irvine Child Devlepment Center, Irvine, CA
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church preschool, Garden Grove CA

any HeadStart but need to qaulfy as low-income

Have worked/volunteered at all three. They are willing to be educated and work with parents of allergic children no matter allergy.
Our Redeemer had a glutien free room and learned to make glutien free play-dough.

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By dorry85 on Sat, 09-11-10, 21:44

Evangeline Elementary School
Lafayette, Louisiana

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By cariclark04 on Tue, 02-01-11, 01:08

Does anyone know of any peanut free elementary schools in the Collierville, TN or Memphis, TN area? DD will be entering K in the fall. Currently having a major struggle with the preschool she is in. Any info on approaching a school to go peanut free would be wonderful!

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By billb1695 on Sun, 04-10-11, 18:35

I live in Portland Oregon, Just had my daughter diagnosed with severe peanut allergy I have time before school but looking for a place safe for her to go to school peanut free, looking to move to an area or state with acceptance to the severe allergy. any suggestion or help is appreciated I am learning as I go we have found a preschool in SW Portland says they are peanut free investigating now. I would love to relocate to an area with a school district of peanut free awareness. not doing well with search to many hate monger post to fiddle through. I am willing to go private or charter school to guarantee safety of child.

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By jleaackley on Tue, 09-18-12, 02:43

I am dealing with so many of these issues! I have a 7 year old daughter with a peanut allergy, been fighting with the school since day 1!! Finally seem to have them understanding and now that they made her classroom peanut free they are talking about changing it because parents are complaining! I had to call in sick to work tomorrow so I can go research more schools to try to find a safer school! I never thought I would get such a social backlash over a severe medical condition! Beyond disgusted! Any suggestions??

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By jleaackley on Tue, 09-18-12, 02:43

I am dealing with so many of these issues! I have a 7 year old daughter with a peanut allergy, been fighting with the school since day 1!! Finally seem to have them understanding and now that they made her classroom peanut free they are talking about changing it because parents are complaining! I had to call in sick to work tomorrow so I can go research more schools to try to find a safer school! I never thought I would get such a social backlash over a severe medical condition! Beyond disgusted! Any suggestions??

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By Heike Larson on Wed, 03-13-13, 18:17

LePort Schools, a group of Montessori preschools in Irvine and Huntington Beach, California, maintains nut and peanut free classrooms for infants, toddlers, preschool and 1st - 3rd grade.

Link to school locations: http://www.leportschools.com/locations/

We also have a very detailed, explicit anaphylactic allergy policy, which you can download here:


We have many children with severe food allergies who attend our preschools. Our staff is trained in managing allergies, and we work closely with parents and the children's pediatrician to provide us with an allergy treatment plan for each child.

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By mahs29 on Wed, 10-29-14, 01:54

Country Day School
Largo, FL

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By Bryan on Wed, 10-29-14, 08:16

Milwaukee Seventh-day Adventist School is peanut free.
10900 West Mill rd.
Milwaukee, WI 53225
(414) 353-3520

They also accept parental choice if you live in the Milwaukee city limits.

There took precautions for my daughters 1st 3 years, then when we voiced our fears and concerns, they went totally peanut free.

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By pxleal on Wed, 02-04-15, 06:56

Creative Minds Learning Center
a preschool in Fresno, CA

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