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List of Legumes for Legume Allergy - Can we start one?

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By SFMom on Sat, 08-23-08, 21:33

My daughters are both allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and soy. Their skin prick tests have been off the charts for green peas, so I keep them away from all legumes (which is hard).

It can be confusing to understand what is and is not a legume. Basically, it is my understanding that legumes are bean-type plants that have a pod surrounding the "bean" such as peanuts or soybeans.

I try to stay away from foods I'm not totally familiar with, but some are confusing. Even when I try to research them on the Web I don't get a definite answer. For example, what about [b]quinoa[/b], [b]flax[/b], [b]triticale[/b], and [b]sorghum[/b]? Are those merely grains or are they derrived from legume plants in any way? Triticale, I think is just a hybrid of wheat and rye and should be OK (not a legume).

Here is a list of legumes. If anyone wants to add to it, it would be great! If anything is wrong, feel free to correct it! I originally got this list from a website called "mrscrankypants.com" which is apparently no longer functioning.

Other great legume allergy resources are:




[b]Giant List of Legumes[/b]

Note: It may be best to avoid anything that calls itself a "bean" or has the word "bean" or "pea" in its name.

The following is a list of legumes, their varieties and AKAs (also known as), and where they might hide:

- Berbera gum
- Cape gum
- Gum Arabic
- Indian gum
- Kordofan gum
- Mogadore gum
- Senegal gum
- Sunt gum
- Wattles
Arabic/Gum Arabic (derived from acacia)
- in soft drinks
- in hard gummy candies
- in marshmallows
- in some lickable adhesives (like cigarette papers)
- in some cosmetics
- in watercolors
- in gouache
- in shoe polish
- Milk vetch
- Goat's thorn
- Locoweed
- Tragacanth gum
- in topical burn treatment paste
- in natural remedies
- in Chinese medicine
Bean sprouts
- Baked
- Black
- Black turtle
- Broad
- Brown
- Butter
- Fagioli
- Fava
- Garbanzos (another name for chickpeas)
- Great Northern
- Guar
- Haricot
- Jack
- Kidney
- Lima
- Masur
- Mongo
- Mung
- Navy
- Pink
- Pinto
- Red
- Snap
- Sugar snap
- Tonka
- Wax
- White
- Locust bean gum
- St. John's Bread
- Carob fruit
Cassia (this is a confusing one because there is the cassia tree which is not a legume, and then there are the cassia legumes)
- sickle senna
- Chinese senna
- sicklepod
- coffee weed
- coffee pod
- java bean
- arsenic weed
- in cinnamon (but is probably just the cassia tree bark, rather than the cassia legume)
- in laxatives
- as a coffee substitute
- may be in curry
- may be in ketchup (not sure if it is cassia tree or cassia gum legume, the thickener and gelling agent)
- in imitation maple syrup or other artificial syrups (thanks to C. Maloney for the head's up!)
- in curry, chutney, and/or dhal
- in cinnamon (but is probably just the cassia tree bark, rather than the cassia legume)
- in halva
- may be in pickle brine
- gram flour
- hummus
- in Burmese tofu
- in falafel
- in farinata
- in Indian food "chana"
- in poppadoms
Gram flour (derived from garbanzos)
Green beans
Guar gum
Karaya gum (I have seen this on other lists, but it is not a legume. So I'm not sure where to categorize this)
Locust trees
- Black locust
- Honey locust
Locust bean gum (derived from carob fruit)
- in dal
- in barbeque liquid smoke
- in charcoal
Peanuts (sometimes called Groundnuts or Goober Peas)
- Blackeyed peas
- Chickpeas/Garbanzos
- Cowpeas
- Field pea
- Green
- Purple hull
- Snow peas
- Split peas
- Couscous
- in tea. (Yeah, I know...sorry! Thx to Patti for this head's-up)
Senna (another name for cassia)
- in laxatives
- may be in curry
Sennaar gum
String beans
Suakin/savakin gum (derived from acacias)
Talca/talha gum (derived from acacias)
- in Worcester sauce
- in HP sauce
- used as an herbal tea
- in sambhar
- in chutneys
- in many Mexican candies, one is called pulparindo
Tragacanth gum (derived from astragalus)
- Black lentils
- Black gram
- Urid
- Urad
- White lentils
- in dal
- in curries
- in papad
Vetch (genus vicia)
Wattle gum

Some things are called beans or look like beans and they are actually not.

- Castor bean
- Cocoa beans
- Coffee bean
- Cola bean
- Vanilla bean
- Okra

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By marladeby on Sun, 10-03-10, 18:23

Couscous is certainly not a legume. It's made from semolina wheat that's been rolled in wheat flour.

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By blackburndana on Mon, 01-03-11, 01:25

thank you for this list, my son 10, has severe anaphalasis to peanuts, peas, all tree nuts except pecan, just tonight he had a reaction to soy that he has never had before. This is info is greatly appreciated.

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By BelovedMrsMom on Wed, 08-17-11, 00:30

I have a serious allergy and have to now carry and epi pen...at 40 years old they are getting worse.

I had a BAD reaction to Lavender the other night, scary one...then googled it and it's a legume too

I also used to have a Mimosa Tree in the backyard, dh cut it down because it was listed somewhere as a legume

I avoid honey because Clover is listed as a legume and I get welts if I even kneel in it.

It's an ongoing thing and it's driving me crazy...for me, I think it's in so much food, esp what I used to eat growing up...I think I had the allergy even in my late teens but not severe...I used to be REALLY tired, groggy, get headaches etc...and was even told I was depressed and given anti-depressants, but once I had the severe reaction to soy milk one night, and since started learning and avoiding soy products, all those "depression" symptoms faded...

After a while I found while eating beans one night that I have a different reaction with them...not the anaphylactic like the soy protein, but it tears my digestive system up, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

I really appreciate the list, I'm always trying to stay on top of things and I cannot afford to slack when I have to drive a vehcile, becuase the groggy, sleepiness that comes EVEN IF I have soybean oil OR soy lecithin, makes we one UNSAFE driver...so I hope food and other companies will wake up

Also, I can't use products that have soy/lavender in them...I avoid the newspaper and phone book because it gets my other allergies going, the sneezing, runny nose, type...it's insane :(

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