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Lipolyzed vegetable protein

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By Lidia on Wed, 02-06-02, 20:32

Lipolyzed Vegetable Protein
Does anyone know what this is???? Could it be peanut? Any help appreciated. Lidia

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By Kathryn on Wed, 02-06-02, 23:46

LIPOLYZED usually refers to the action of the lipase class of enzymes on fat systems and is a term that refers most often to the use of lipase to manufacture lipolyzed butter, cream, cheese and milk. I cannot find it in any reference source or web site attached to protein of any kind. I would recommend contacting the manufacturer and also the FDA or the CFIA depending on whether you are in the U.S. or Canada. You can email them and ask how this term can be used in conjunction with proteins according to the food and drug labelling regulations. I hope this information/advice helps a little.

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By smack on Thu, 02-07-02, 00:20

I read lipolyzed butterfat, lipolyzed as in giving a richer dairy flavour.
Same deal, in reference to dairy, cheese, not vegetable protein.
What food did you see this on?
It just sounds like a food enhancer but for creams, milks, cheeses.

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By Lidia on Thu, 02-07-02, 20:54

Thanks for your responses... It is in a meat product the school menu sometimes carries. It comes as a commodity from the gov't. At least that is my understanding thus far. If I find out anymore I will let you know.

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