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Licorice and peanut allergy

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By kdillon on Wed, 11-07-01, 15:30


Someone told me that children allergic to peanut/tree nuts should not have licorice. Is this true and why?
Can anyone explain?

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By Roos on Wed, 11-07-01, 16:55

Oh my god, I certainly hope that rumor is not true ! We are from the Netherlands and salty licorice is candy nr.1. We all eat it everyday! My daughter never reacted on it though. Where did you hear this?

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By Cayley's Mom on Wed, 11-07-01, 19:07

If you do a search for "licorice" you will see a lot of answers to your question, but I will try to summarize:

True licorice is a legume. Peanuts are also a legume, so they are related and it's *possible* that someone with PA may react to licorice. However, it's just a possibility - my daughter eats every legume under the sun with no reaction, except peanuts.

Plus, a lot of "licorice-flavoured" candy is not made with true licorice, but is made with anise, which tastes like licorice, but is not related to the legume family.

If you have concerns, check the ingredients on the licorice you consume, or call the manufacturer to ask if they use true licorice as an ingredient. Most people with PA don't have any trouble with licorice, but some do.

Hope this helps!


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By Claire on Thu, 11-08-01, 01:25

We were told that is was a danger food as well. Chris has never had black licorice because of being told not to give it. Not sure as to why but i know at the time many years ago we were told no.
I am taking him to a knew doctor as soon as he can get in I will let you know what we find out. claire

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By julieb on Tue, 11-13-01, 03:38

My toddler is allergic to gluten, so I can't give him licorice (there's wheat in licorice). I give him a psuedo licorice (believe flavored with anise) from Cool Fruits. It's actually pretty good. The Cool Fruits licorice is free of peanuts, soy, dairy, and gluten (the other stuff my son is allergic to). So, if you are concerned about giving your child licorice, you might want to try this product. Hope this helps. Warmly, Julie B.

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By on Sat, 11-23-02, 15:38

Thought I'd bump this up instead of starting a new thread.

I've been living with PA for about 15 years and somehow missed this info til now. I have just gone off antihistamines and am having lots of minor and a few worrisome reactions. I started looking over old info from my gp and came across licorice listed as a legume. Unfortunately black licorice is my *comfort food*.

My other allergies are immediate reactions - hives, itchy, etc. The licorice is different for me. It is 12 - 24 hours for symptoms to appear and it starts with severe stomach cramping. The difference is why I never put it together before. Now that I am off the antihistamine I'm actually suffering the reactions that were previously being masked.

Just wanted to warn others who, like me, may have missed this info, or may be new to PA.

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By cathlina on Sun, 11-24-02, 00:02

Black licorce may have been the first legume I had trouble with. I can remember eating it a lot as a kid. Then in my teens it made me very sick at my stomach and I have never eaten it since.

I did not eat peanut butter as a teen. But when I got married, my husband had custody of three kids. So, I bought peanut butter for them and I started eating peanut butter and jelly toast for breakfast. I would get some hives. I also noticed them when I ate M & M's. Then one day I ate a bag of peanut M &M's and was covered in hives in two hours. That's what it took for me to figure it out.

I am just lucky I didn't have any bad reactions.

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