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levels of allergy?

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By mrsgilhole on Wed, 08-13-08, 22:47

my son was diagnosed with a eanut allergy yesterday, he is 2. we already knew about milk and eggs. the allergist said to avoid peanuts and peanut oil but followed it up with saying it wasnt a extremely strong reaction. i asked her about what i had heard about kids not being able to even be around peanuts and she acted like his wasnt on that level. is it possible that i may not have to be as careful re: processed in the same factory warnings... he has never had any symptoms and without the test to reaffirm his milk allergy we would not have known. she said his milk reaction on the skin test was worse and hes never had a reaction to milk besides a rash. sorry this is so long but im confused. thanks alot

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By robyn on Thu, 08-14-08, 01:26

I'm certainly not a doctor but just a mom that reads everything I can get my hands on regarding PA. Even a low level of PA can have a severe reaction and vice versa. I tend to err on the side of caution but I would treat a mild PA like any form of PA. I would certainly have an EpiPen and even be very careful to avoid things processed around peanuts. Everyone has their own comfort levels but PA can be very unpredictable and I would want to be prepared for anything and everything.

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By mom2landz on Thu, 08-14-08, 02:01

i agree with robyn. it's just a volatile allergy. one reaction could be mild, the next severe.

i'm sorry for the diagnosis. there is a wealth of information on this website.

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By SkyMom on Thu, 08-14-08, 16:12

I am surprised that an allergist would describe a peanut allergy that way. I think a peanut allergy is a peanut allergy no matter what any test says. As the pp's have said you never know when a reaction will be anaphylaxis so its best to be prepared for such a reaction.
That being said as he's never had a reaction it could have been a false positive test. If his next test is similar I would ask about an in-office food challenge. Until then I would treat like he is pa with all the necessary precautions.

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By mrsgilhole on Sat, 08-16-08, 23:31

thanks so much.. i have an epipen jr and am already reading labels over his milk allergy. i dont have another test scheduled for a year but i have considered doing it sooner b/c i know he has had pnut butter with no reaction, but he doesnt like the texture of it(or any condiments really) so im not in a big hurry we'll just keep reading and go from there i guess

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