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Letter to family/friends re: FAAN walk. comments?

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By mommyofmatt on Tue, 07-19-05, 13:17

Here's my letter, going out by email:

Hello everybody!

As you know, Matt is one of an estimated 11 million Americans who have food allergies. This condition results in over 30,000 emergency room visits and 150 to 200 deaths each year in the United States from accidental ingestions of allergic food.

A large number of the deaths occur in children eating outside their home at school or other public places. There is no cure for food allergies. Strict avoidance of the offending food is the only way to prevent Matt from having a potentially life threatening allergic reaction.

In his case, he can

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By 2BusyBoys on Thu, 07-21-05, 19:11

Thanks Meg. Great message. I borrowed a little to add to my own letter.

Jodi mom to:
Dominic 5/22/01 NKA
Zachary 3/18/03 Peanuts, Dairy, Eggs & Penicillin

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By NutlessinNJ on Mon, 07-25-05, 12:51

Excellent letter!!! I am on the Logistics committee for the NJ walk on October 2nd. Very informational and to the point!!!

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By mommyofmatt on Mon, 07-25-05, 21:15

Thanks for the feedback guys. I showed it to a friend who thought that people who don't deal with allergies might think it's over the top. I was thinking about toning it down a bit, maybe I'll leave it now [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm ready for them! Meg

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By Going Nuts on Sun, 07-31-05, 12:32

Super letter, Meg. I'm going to use parts of it for my letter. We're walking in the LI walk, the next day.


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By jasy on Fri, 05-13-11, 07:30

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