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Lawry\'s Seasoned salt

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By pgrubbs on Fri, 08-29-03, 18:56

I called to check on Lawry's seasoned salt today. I was told that they advise PA consumers not to use their products. Great. Any ideas as far as seasoned salet and even flavorings (rum, butter, etc) to use in cooking and baking?


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By wendysco on Fri, 08-29-03, 20:41

We use McCormick's spices and vanilla extracts. Should I need another type of flavoring like you mentioned I would not hesitate to purchase another form McCormick's.
From what I was told when I called they had no nuts in the plant, all ingredients will be listed. I would either buy the separate spices and make my own shaker of seasoned salt or if McCormick's made a brand and the label looked okay I'd buy it and just double check with them.

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By supermom on Wed, 09-03-03, 18:22

I just rushed to my spice cabinet to see what I had in there....we have McCormicks also...the ingredients label reads: salt,spices(including chili pepper, black pepper, celery seed, nutmeg and coriander) onin paprika, maltodextrin, garlic, silicon dioxide(added to make free flowing) and annatto(color). We have never had a problem...does anyone use Lawry's ?? I would have never thought about it...I usually go by the labels..unless warned otherwise by someone...I'm curious as to what there label says?


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By supermom on Wed, 09-03-03, 18:27

I just finished my post and I'm sitting here just numb with shock that it seems everything is tainted....as soon as I think I'm getting a grip on this thing more things pop up to get a grip on.....uggggggggggghhhhhhhhh! Does this mean all of there products...I don't even know what all they make...lucky I'm not a 5 star chef over here...I guess I'll go through the spice cabinet just to be on the safe side!


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By supermom on Wed, 09-03-03, 18:33

okay so everything I have is McCormick luckily!!


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By Dawn on Thu, 09-04-03, 19:12

The reply I received from Lawry's:

Hi Dawn,
Thank you for writing.
Common allergens, such as peanuts or eggs, would be listed in the ingredient section of our packages, and not included in "Natural Flavors".

"Natural Flavors" are unique flavors created for Lawry's by our flavor
suppliers, and we purchase the flavors as a single component. Since the formula of the flavor is proprietary to the flavor supplier, we do not have a list of the flavoring ingredients.

We do not operate Allergen Free manufacturing facilities, but after the
production of any product containing any common allergen ( such as peanuts) the
facility does what they refer to as a special cleansing process that is over
and above a normal cleansing process. With the intent to remove as much
particulate from the line as possible. Even though we take this extra step, it
is no guarantee that the product would be allergen free. So, based on the users
sensitivity they may or may not wish to consume any processed products.

We hope this information is helpful.

Your friends at Lawry's

Giving away my Lawry's spices today! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/eek.gif[/img]
Just not worth the risk (to me) when there are other options. Other spices I use are McCormick's, Tone's, and Kroger brand. (Off to make a few calls!... [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/redface.gif[/img])

[This message has been edited by Dawn (edited September 04, 2003).]

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By supermom on Thu, 09-04-03, 19:33

yeah that sounds like a bunch of backpedaling to me! No thanks!


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By Dawn on Thu, 09-04-03, 19:51

I spoke with reps at Kroger & Tone's. Kroger would label for any cross contamination and Tone's, which also processes Durkee, has no peanut products in their plant. Yay!

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By krasota on Fri, 09-05-03, 00:38

I buy my spices in small amounts from bulk containers in the organic herb section at my local whole foods store or co-op. Some folks wouldn't be comfortable with this and I understand that.

For seasoned salt, though, I use Trocomare. When I can't find it, I buy Herbamare (Trocomare - horseradish, so less spicy). It's a salt seasoned with organic veggies and herbs.


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