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Las Vegas Restaurants

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By starlight on Tue, 04-26-05, 20:16

Hi, I'm going to be going to Vegas in late May. I've already read through all the Vegas posts here, but they were either unanswered or didn't address my problem.

I'm PA and my allergist told me when I was little to avoid tree nuts and [b]shellfish[/b]. From the online menus, it seems like every restaurant in Vegas that's peanut safe has shellfish! Does anyone know any restaurants near or on the strip that are nut and shellfish free, or that are good about accommodating allergies?

I read the article here about the deaths from allergies and saw quotes from a manager of a few restaurants that said how accommodating they are, but I checked and they're seafood restaurants! Ugh.

Thanks for any help.

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By Joesmom on Sun, 05-15-05, 01:55

I have asked so many times about Las Vegas, and have never gotten a reply either. We did go a couple weeks ago, and had a great experience at the Mirage Hotel. The guest relations persons were very helpful, as was their hotel's chef. We ate at the Caribe Cafe in the hotel for breakfasts and dinners, and were always spoken to by the chef himself.

If you email me, I can give you some contact names.

Also, we ate at the Planet Hollywood inside the Ceasar's Forum shops. Speak to the manager, Dave. They told me what my son could eat safely, and checked on everything. They seemed allergy aware, and were willing to go the extra mile.

There is also a Coco's on the strip, down by Mandalay Bay, I think. We didn't eat there, but we do eat at the one by our home regularly for breakfast.

Keep away from Macaroni Grill. The one off of Sahara "says" they use peanut oil. Even though their corporate office denies it. ???

Hope this reaches you before your trip.


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By stimpsjd on Tue, 05-31-05, 18:19

I am deathly allergic to peanuts and shellfish along with some tree nuts. I have been to Vegas due to work about 15 times over the last 3 years.

Here's the deal on shellfish: the allergy is so prevalent that most reputable restaurants have to do separate prep areas for anything that has shellfish in it. In fact, I believe it is in most states health codes. I rarely worry about it and often have steak or chicken at a seafood restaurant without worry. I was just in Baltimore which is known for crab, ate at a couple crab houses and had no problem...

For safe restaurants, almost every restaurant will be accomodating. For fast food: I have eaten safely at McDonald's on the strip and Subway near Monte Carlo/Alladdin and Sbarro in the basement of Bally's (the Sbarro was very accomodating). For dinner, almost every restaurant I have been to has been accomodating. The only one I did not eat at after talking to them is the Wolfgang Puck restaurant at MGM due to their use of peanut oil in their pizzas. I highly recommend the restaurant to the left as you look at the Paris Hotel...it has outside seating. Very good. I also recommend the Italian restaurant in Harrah's and the steak house at the Riviera. The Pub in the Monte Carlo was passable. The Italian restaurant at Bally's was good too. My biggest issue is breakfast . I love big breakfasts but it is often difficult to get sufficient information about what you can and can't have. I had good luck at the Las Vegas Hilton's and the Alladin buffet. I suggest talking to the manager during the day and then going to the breakfast the following day. The Monte Carlo buffet was decent too...but I only do buffet's for breakfast.

All in all, Vegas restaurants are very well run and as I have usually found, the more expensive the restaurant, the more responsive and accomodating the restaurant is to your needs...of course, that's not the easiest thing in the world to swallow!

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By Melrose Mum on Fri, 06-03-05, 23:26

We have eaten at the Rainforest Cafe in the MGM (I think it was the MGM) we only have peanut allergy and have always been impressed with RFC's awareness and help.

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