Labelling for medicines

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By bigreys5 on Fri, 12-14-07, 21:26

Today, I was looking through the Manufacturers forum,and I saw a post that had to do with cough syrup. specifically, saying that they finally found a PN TN safe cough syrup. Triaminic cough syrup was listed as not safe, and after calling to verify this with the company, I am so upset! Triaminic contains peanut and treenut dirivatives, but does not label for them.

Is there no labelling laws for medication?



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By barbfeick on Sun, 04-19-09, 18:13

Nope. Medicine is exempt. Only active ingredients need to be listed. The rest is a protected trade secret.

The peanut protein in the vaccines is probably the cause of the fatal peanut allergy. It does not have to appear on the package insert.

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