After working around an egg in a rice pudding I added raisins only to be informed some have a peanut warning now and not all are labeled. Any info this Nana would appreciate.
I just wanted to remind everyone to check the expiration dates on their epi-pens. We recently had an experience where HEB mislabeled our epi-pens to show their expiration date 5 mos after the epi-...
I was just wondering if there are any other names for peanuts that could be listed on labels that I should be looking for? Or do they have to use the word "peanut?" Thanks
My 8 year old daughter is allergic to peanuts. I just discovered through her school reading assignments that peanuts may be used in soaps and shampoos. If so are they clearly labeled as such, or do...
I feel like I'm seeing more and more foods being recalled. Do you think companies have an obligation to carefully and truthfully label their products?
My child's caregiver asked if she could bake Pillsbury "Ready to Bake Sugar Cookies" with her. I just read the label at the grocery store tonight. (Wish I could post the pic of the label itself) It...
Hello, I am wondering if anyone with anaphylactic peanut / tree nut allergy has found a safe brand of castor oil that they'd recommend. I was about to purchase a brand (can't remember which) but then...
There are many places where people have discussed the "may contain" label or unusual sources of peanut. What I want to know, as I'm sure newcomers want to know is: What food manufacturers are unsafe...
I was wondering if anyone has ever spoken to Pillsbury about their refrigerated dough roll - Chocolate Chip Cookies. I know there is no Peanut or Tree Nut in the ingredient statement - but I am...
Here is a link to my website: [url="http://www.afdlocator.com"]www.afdlocator.com[/url] I am starting a revolutionary new service called AFD (ALLERGY FRIENDLY DINING) where restaurant members...
Hi, I have a question for everyone. My son has a peanut allergy. His allergist said he should avoid all foods with any peanut warnings on the packaging. So I asked him recently whether he had to...
I'm so tired of reading food labels with "natural flavoring" or "spices" listed instead of the actual ingredients. I'm reading the label for a reason - to find out which specific ingredients are in...
I had a positive experience with a company today re: their labeling. I purchased a store brand (Meijer) of chocolate chips - specifically because there was no warning label on them. I was...
I have read alot of the posts on topic of labeling and I am still trying to figure this all out. Now if a company lists may contain:for example milk, eggs and wheat, is it safe to assumw that those...
Hi all!! I needed a little advice. I daringly purchased a Store made cake at shoprite yesterday for my husband's birthday. Before I bought the cake I spoke with a person in the bakery department...
Today, I was looking through the Manufacturers forum,and I saw a post that had to do with cough syrup. specifically, saying that they finally found a PN TN safe cough syrup. Triaminic cough syrup...
Why did the Dr tell my daughter that peanut oil is ok when my grandson is allergic to all nuts??? And I always see the topic peanut oil.
Can Natural and Artificial flavoring contain peanuts?

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