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When will manufacturers stop caring about their beloved recipes and start caring more about people with allergies and intolerances?

I'm so tired of reading food labels with "natural flavoring" or "spices" listed instead of the actual ingredients. I'm reading the label for a reason - to find out which specific ingredients are in that product!

It's ridiculous how many manufacturers list those mysterious terms, and they sometimes do this to protect their beloved recipe so that others aren't able to duplicate the flavor. I contacted a manufacturer once and asked if the "flavoring" listed on a can of soup included onion powder (I have an intolerance to onion) and received a response informing me that their "flavoring" is a special blend of spices and they cannot release that information.

I was pretty upset and responded with an explanation of my intolerance and how I didn't want to eat the soup if it contained onions. Their reply was that the "flavoring" included onion powder, so in the end I'm glad I contacted the company.

I continue to be amazed at how many products list ingredients that aren't actually ingredients. When will this stop?


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