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Peanuts in shampoo and soap

My 8 year old daughter is allergic to peanuts. I just discovered through her school reading assignments that peanuts may be used in soaps and shampoos. If so are they clearly labeled as such, or do they use some code word? I can't help wondering if this is what causes her skin problems. Thanks

By Chantel Donnan on Tue, 04-16-13, 00:45

Some shampoos and other cosmetics do in fact have peanut or peanut oil in them, and they should be labeled (at least in CA, where we have a Safe Cosmetics Act). This article has a list of some peanut-free products you can check out, though!


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By JanRenae on Thu, 04-18-13, 19:47

Thanks, we live in Oregon, and food labels are generally pretty clear, and allergies are clearly marked. Even an actual jar of peanut butter has a warning that it contains peanuts. I'm just not so sure about other products. I had never thought of anything besides food. Now I feel I need to check everything.

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