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Peanut Oil

My oldest daughter (not allergic) got chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A. I was shocked to see the side panel of the nuggets state that they are cooked in 100% refined peanut oil. I checked their website and they use 100% refined peanut oil for all of their breaded chicken items. It also stated that the heating process makes the peanut oil not an allergen, but my doctor said to stay away from it. Anyone have any thoughts about this? My 2-year-old was just recently diagnosed with a severe peanut/hazelnut allergy.

By mlewis on Sun, 05-11-14, 20:14

Our son has peanut allergy and has eaten at chick-fil-a and never had a reaction. Our allergist said it was the only place to trust with peanut oil. I like that they clearly state their use of peanut oil everywhere, packaging, drive thru window, etc. It allows us as parents to know and make our own choices What scared me was that my son was given the chik-fil-a at his school without notifying parents ahead of time.

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By thekilij on Sun, 05-11-14, 17:18

Hi jendesanto! Upon her diagnosis, my daughter's allergy specialist said that most of the peanut oils used in the U.S. are processed such that the proteins are no longer present in the oil. She did not caution us against consuming it.

However, we no longer consume oil in my household because it is the most calorie-packed food on the planet, damaging to the endothelial lining, and completely unnecessary in obtaining essential fatty acids. I would just skip the oil-containing foods at Chick-fil-A altogether.

All my best to you and your family.

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By peanut5280 on Sun, 05-11-14, 15:26

My 9 year old son is severely allergic to peanuts and had mild reactions to Chick fil a when he was 3.(Hands turned red and puffy eating nuggets) We tried again a few years later and he now can eat chick fil a daily with no problem. The cooking process does generally remove the allergens. It's a case by case basis so there are no absolutes with refined peanut oil. It's up to you if you want to try it.

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By lindarellaj on Sat, 05-10-14, 00:14

I am 41 and have been eating Chick Fil Al my entire life. I started having mild allergic reactions when I age there in Oct 2013. I thought it was to the sauce because it is made with soy. I cut the sauce out and had no reaction until Jan 2014 when I had really severe reaction that landed me in the emergency room. No more Chick Fil A for me. :( and btw, they do not accept any accountability for their marketing of refined peanut oil. When contacted their comment to me by multiple parties was that I have the responsibility to be more careful. Anyway, beware of Chick Fil A!! Linda James

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By PeanutAllergy.com on Thu, 05-08-14, 22:52

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Our Answer:

It can be very upsetting as a new allergy parent to realize that many foods have peanuts or peanut byproducts in them. Many restaurant and fast-food chains use peanut oil for frying, so it is important to be attentive to these issues.

The answer to whether someone with a peanut allergy can consume peanut oil is iffy. According to FARE, the FDA exempts highly refined peanut oil from being labeled as an allergen, although the definition of ‘highly refined’ in this context is unclear. Scientific studies show that the majority of people sensitive to peanuts can use peanut oil.

On the other hand, more conservative sources say that a person with peanut allergies should avoid all peanuts and peanut byproducts. If your doctor advised you to stay away from it, that’s probably the best thing to do.

As you might have learned from this experience, peanuts can show up almost anywhere. If you aren’t sure about a certain restaurant or fast-food chain, we suggest calling ahead and asking about their use of peanuts and/or peanut oil. Many places will make accommodations to ensure the safety of someone with a food allergy.

Another member of our community posted a question very similar to yours, which you can see here. Someone else asked a question about restaurants that accommodate peanut allergies, and you can check that post out here.

Additionally, we asked our Facebook fans for their input, and you can read their responses here.

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