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made in a facility which also processes peanuts??

Hi, I have a question for everyone.

My son has a peanut allergy. His allergist said he should avoid all foods with any peanut warnings on the packaging. So I asked him recently whether he had to avoid food which was only made in the same facility as peanuts. The allergist said yes.

Then I asked him if I can bring my son to restaurants such as Friendlys and other ones which have peanuts on the premesis, and he said as long as I notify them that my son has a peanut allergy it's ok.

So, aren't these restaurants facilities which contain peanuts? I asked my allergist about this and he yelled at me (he's not the nicest guy, I'm going to have to change allergists). But in the meantime, I was curious about how other people handle this. Do you let your kids eat, say, "Kit-Kat" bars which are made in a facility which processes peanuts? Would you bring them to a restaurant which has peanuts onsite? And how to reconcile the two?


By emarcus0687 on Wed, 11-07-12, 04:58

I understand your concern. I'm a 20 year old with a life-threatening peanut allergy (also allergic to tree nuts and shellfish). I have been going to restaurants all my life, and have not had any problems. However, that isn't to say that I don't avoid some restaurants. I do not go to restaurants that use peanut oil in the kitchen or have barrels of peanuts all over the place (e.g., Five Guys). It is always important to be very cautious when going to restaurants and to inform your server (and chef) that your child has a life-threating allergy. You must be guaranteed that they can handle the allergy too. I have gone as far as asking the kitchen staff to make my food in a separate pan (or area). Usually, cleaning off the grill is fine too (since most restaurants don't grill dishes with nuts). I NEVER eat anything from the frier.

With your concern of foods "made in a facility which processes peanuts," I would even be more cautious. Personally, I never eat such foods. In this case, you CANNOT be guaranteed by the company that your child will be safe because there is a possibility of cross-contamination.

Hope this helped. And good luck!

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By Samber14 on Wed, 11-07-12, 01:49

I personally do not allow my girls to go to restaurants. There is to much of a possibility of cross-contamination for them. I also do not purchase or give my girls any "made in the same facility as peanuts". My rule of thumb is it is better to be safe than sorry AND we don't put a lot of emphasis on food as a reward system.
If there was a reaction I would want to be able to narrow down where it came from too and that leaves to many variables for our family.

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