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There is a segment on "Marketplace" on Feb 2/99 about Peanut allergies. It's on CBC for the Canadians out there. Hope there is some helpful...
Looking for a Support Group in Central Massachusetts. I've seen the e-mail address referenced in the old board but cannot access due to computer...
Click on this link [url="http://www.wral-tv.com/features/healthteam/1997/0612-peanut-allergies/"]www.wral-tv.com/features/healthteam/1997/0612-...
I emailed [email]chris@peanutallergy.com[/email] about an email he sent me in Dec. about hydrolyzed Plant Protien, He suggested I post my letter...
Are there any support groups in Ohio? Is there anyone interested in starting one?
Peanut free chocolat in canada.Nestles North York Don Mills Ontario makes peanut free M&M,S etc. Thanks G. haynes
I just got a letter back from DOT, Norman Strickman, Chief Aviation Consumer Protection Division Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings. The...
Posted by Wendy on January 09, 1999 at 06:12:31: Hello everyone, we have just found out that our three year old daughter, Beth, has a peanut allergy...

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