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As we are finding more things my daughter is allergic to I am considering getting a breadmaker. Any thoughts, suggestions, comments, hints, ideas?...
I have lost my list of Referal services. Does anyone have this phone numbers?
Hello. My son starts kindergarten soon and we're just now meeting with school nurse regarding his peanut allergy. I'm nervous and hopeful that all...
Hi All, I just received my daughter's MedicAlert bracelet, and thank God, no problems with her wearing it, so far! They inscribed "Allergic to...
Southwest Airlines also still offers peanut free flights upon request, and the reservationist was very accomodating and helpful when I made my...
Hi All, Just wanted to alert you on a product I've been buying for my PA daughter. In the past, I've bought these choc. chip cookies in the white bag...
Southwest Air and Alaska should be congratulated for recogizing the seriousness of PA. I was also told that on request, no peanuts would be served on...
My Daughter has a severe Peanut allergy. When I tell other people about it, their response is "just don't eat it" They don't understand that it is...
My nephew who is allergic to peanuts and over the weekend he had an accidental ingestion of some food containging peanuts. He complained of tingling...
I keep reading how everyone has had numerous tests and I am wondering if my dd should be tested again...After her first reaction to peanut butter we...

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