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Does anyone have knowledge of specific alerts on spaghetti sauce and chili? A lot of the articles, especially from east coast or Canada refer to...
My son told me his tongue itched after he tasted a peice of stir fry chicken that had toasted sesame oil in the seasoning. The tip of his tongue...
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My mother just called to tell me she heard a commercial for tires...
Is it possible that the rast test score will come back much higher in severity if it is done SOON after an exposure??? My son came back close to a...
Hi, there. I have questions about my childs conflicting test/history results. My daughter, Juliet, (now almost 3 yrs.) had a severe anaphylactic...
I didn't quite catch the whole segment, but on The Oprah Winfrey show today she had an ER doctor as a guest who dicussed handling medical...
I would like to know if Pepperidge Farm products are safe for peanut allergic people. Thanks
Here's a new site that deals with all kinds of serious food allergies. There's plenty of information for adults, but it's also fun and informative...
We recently flew our 1st flight with our 2 yrs old son, allergic to many foods, including peanuts. While I had to follow up with the terminal, gate...
Hi all! I was quite distressed last night going through my son's halloween candy looking for all the peanut products. In the end we got a whole...

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