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Is it safe to kiss someone if they've eaten something that "may contain" peanuts/nuts?
Are entenmann's products safe for people with PA? They say no peanuts and no may contain and no processed on shared equipment. What are your...
Has anyone with PA or any of your children with PA actually reacted to licorice? I know that licorice is considered a legume, and can potentially...
My sister's wedding in in one week, I am a bridesmaid, my husband was asked to be an alter boy. We have three children who were invited as well as...
Hello, My 3 year old son has life threatening peanut allergies. I have a question for individuals like my son. I need help to understand his...
Hi, I am Anneleen from Belgium (Europe). We are planning to go to the USA next year with my then 5-year old son with severe peanut allergy and his...
My daughter is in the second grade. Although she will be in a peanut free classrooom, the cafeteria will NOT be peanut free. In light of this, is it...
Hello :) Is there a support group or even any info sessions in Hamilton Ontario? Thank you
Look into community colleges including Broward Community College which holds high national standards and is revered as atop facilitycan offset costs...
My 2 1/2 year old DD has PA and EA. She just had an allergic reaction after eating an apple - hives in the corners of her mouth where the apple...

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