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I'm trying to learn all I can since my 18mnth old was just diagnosed with a cat. 4 peanut allergy last month.

Few questions if anyone could help:

-Is it ok for him to eat peas, beans, and other legumes?

-Is a legume allergy something that kids with PA are usually allergic to also? (He has an appt next month with a pediatric allergist that said they would check for more things. Just wondering if I should wait until then.)

-Should he stay away from things with sunflower oil?The other treenuts on his bloodwork were 0. So the only thing was PA. I was told to watch treenuts also because he could become allergic to them as well.

-What if it says soy or soybeans? Even if it just says "may contain soy"?

-What test is best to check for multiple things?

Sorry for all the questions!! Our life has been completely turned upside down, as you all have already experienced.

By mysweetpeanutallergybaby on Mon, 08-12-13, 15:24

oh I would have never thought about that reason for not eating tree nuts, thanks for that info. I think I'm going to start writing down questions also. There is just so much I don't know about this. I bet that was very scary for you the day he had a reaction. Glad he was ok ;) Thanks so much for responding.... I thought I had put it in wrong or something because nobody had responded. I'm new to this site so I don't know the in's and out's yet. Thank you, Thank you for the website for snacks....lol. I have been wondering what in this world am I going to be able to give him. Good luck to you too, hope your visit goes great!!!!

By mysweetpeanutallergybaby on Mon, 08-12-13, 15:17


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