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Con Agra doesn't label for allergens in their facilities!

Con Agra Doesn't Label for Facility

I received this info in an email today:

"We segregate allergen and non-allergen ingredients in our facilities. A “Contains” statement will always be listed below the ingredient list if the product contains any of the top allergens. A “May Contains” statement will be rarely used due to our strong manufacturing processes. We complete thorough cleaning when changing from allergen-containing to non-allergen-containing products. After cleaning, we conduct inspections to verify that it has been effective."

So, they've decided for us that their cleaning methods should satisfy us & we shouldn't be able to make our own decisions? THIS IS WHY WE NEED MANDATORY LABELING!

If anyone knows of any petitions for mandatory labeling going around, please let me know. I may put together my own as well.


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