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Kroger brands

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By jh5000 on Tue, 06-25-02, 14:22

Has anyone ever talked to customer service at Kroger about their store-brand labelling policies? I'm starting to feel very confident in them - I've called a couple of times now and each time they've said that if there's any chance at all of cross-contamination (made in the same facility, on shared lines, etc.) it would be on the label.

I just would feel better knowing other people have gotten the same response and have had no problems with their food.



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By Donni on Tue, 06-25-02, 23:36

I have contacted Kroger re chocolate chips...ok. I will forward their responses to anyone who contacts me via e-mail. (I burned 2 fingers so typing is hard.) I also have shopped in their Waynesboro, VA store and was very, very impressed by their in-store posted signs where recalled foods were "previously" stocked.

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By AlwaysAvoidAnaphylaxis on Wed, 06-26-02, 03:38

What timing. Kroger brand PECTIN for making homemade jams etc is made on nut lines in a facility that also processes nuts and they said the lines are cleaned using GMPs but could not guarantee that the pectin was nut free....

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By Grateful on Fri, 06-28-02, 01:06

I just called Kroger yesterday about their ice cream sandwiches and was told they are made on a dedicated line but that there are peanuts in the facility - this is not listed anywhere on the package!

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By AlwaysAvoidAnaphylaxis on Tue, 09-03-02, 01:48

I wonder if Kroger ZIPS party crackers are safe? Just sent them an email and will call tomorrow.

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By gw_mom3 on Wed, 10-02-02, 07:26

I was told just the other day by a kroger rep that some items might not yet have the 'may contain' labeling. However, I looked at almost all of their ice creams and other frozen treats last night and didn't see a single 'may contain' on them. I can't imagine that ice cream and frozen treats wouldn't be hot sellers during the past summer and all have the newer labeling. I did buy some kroger brand milk chocolate, white chocolate and butterscotch baking chips after calling since they assured me that they are made in a nut-free facility. But when I was picking them out I saw kroger brand pb chips so now I'm nervous again. I think I'll call again (a third time). I also bought kroger brand brown rice and frozen french fries so I will be asking about those.

Does anyone else use Kroger brands with no trouble?


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By docd3122 on Tue, 10-08-02, 18:29

I've had great experiences with Kroger's customer service. Their data base is immediately updated with new information. When a product is in doubt, they contact the food engineer, and I usually receive a call back the same day. Kroger's products now include an allergy warning on the box. Yeah! Also, their chocolate chips are nut free.

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By AlwaysAvoidAnaphylaxis on Wed, 10-09-02, 01:25

The Kroger ZIP party crackers are JUST LIKE RITZ CRACKERS and they are safe and our kids love them and have been eating them with no trouble. great for lunch boxes. We are already on box 3!!!!

still looking for a safe rice cake!

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By gw_mom3 on Wed, 10-09-02, 08:43

Quote:Originally posted by docd3122:
[b] Also, their chocolate chips are nut free.[/b]
Does this include the butterscotch and white ones? I still haven't even taken them out of the bag. I never received any reply to my email from kroger so I guess I will call again on the french fries and brown rice. Email is so much easier sometimes.


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By gw_mom3 on Fri, 10-11-02, 06:56

I spoke with a dietitian at kroger today. She assured me that the milk chocolate, white chocolate and butterscotch chips are made in a peanut/tree nut free factory. I was thrilled that she also said the same for the toaster pastries (I really miss pop tarts) and the frozen french fries. The brown rice is made in a plant that uses almonds. Who would have figured brown rice is suspect??

What did worry me was that when I mentioned how none of the ice cream products had 'may contain' labeling, she said all of them are made in a plant that uses peanuts and tree nuts, but since they do an 'allergy wash' between runs they don't label it with the warning. She said there was absolutely "no chance" of cross contamination. Well, we all know how that goes. So now I'm not as happy with their new policy of labeling, but I will be sure to call for info on each new product I buy. Oh-and I won't be buying any kroger brand frozen treats.


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By steveandleslea on Thu, 10-24-02, 12:49

I worked at Kroger for four years, back in college. We still buy the majority of our groceries there and usually buy Kroger brands. Our son is allergic to peanuts, lentils, peas, nuts, sweet potatoes, and tapioca.

The key w/ most Kroger products is to figure out which brand-name product it is marketed to look like. Chances are EXTREMELY good that the Kroger brand is made by the same manufacturer as the brand name. For instance, if you notice that Kroger suntan lotion looks like Coppertone, then it was probably made my Coppertone.

The manufacturers do this because it is a great profit margin for them. They can sell the Kroger brand to Kroger from their "extra" production, and they make a great profit w/ very little investment. Their lines are already moving, so they don't even stop, they just set aside so much product for Kroger. Kroger sells Kroger brand at a higher mark-up than what they sell the name brand for, so they all win. People are still snobby about name brands, so the manufacturer doesn't feel any pinch into his sales.

Like the person who pointed out that Zips are just like Ritz, that's because they really are just like Ritz! LOL! Isn't that great?

So, while Kroger is responsible for their own customer service and labeling, you actually have two resources there. Depending on which your store sells more of, you can look at the Ritz box to see if it has changed, or look at the Zips box to see if it has changed. It might sound like double the work, but if you are unsure about something (like peanuts in the ice cream!) that might be a good way to double-check.

I know Kroger has its own bakery and dairy facilities, so ice cream might fall under that umbrella of manufacturing, I'm just not sure. But for most of the Kroger brands on the shelf, this "double check" trick should apply.

Hope that helps someone!

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By gw_mom3 on Thu, 10-24-02, 21:56

[img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img] Well then that totally contradicts everything I was told by kroger. I'm going to call them again tomorrow because if it's true, I'm not buying from Kroger anymore.


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By steveandleslea on Tue, 10-29-02, 15:20

oh no!

gw, I could be wrong!! What specifically did they tell you that I just contradicted? Things could have changed since I worked there, but it would surprise me.

Like I said, they have their own dairy, so the "look alike" test prob. does not apply to ice cream. I'm talking more about things like spaghetti sauce, suntan lotion, canned veggies, pickles--anything on the regular grocery aisles. In my mind that would include choc. chips, but that doesn't mean they don't have accurate info on even those products.

The thing is, every product is different, so what is true for one product might be different for another. One might be made by Kroger, the other might just be distributed w/ a Kroger label.

LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU FIND OUT, THOUGH! I have been basing my purchases on what I thought was my intimate knowledge of their branded products!

I would trust a Kroger dietician more than myself as a former employee, seriously. I got all my info from the management and marketing people at the time, and I have all faith in Kroger's professional capacities. I do no think they would lie to you or even "guess" if they didn't know. They seriously do not work that way.

I hope I didn't upset you too much, please share what you learned.

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By steveandleslea on Tue, 10-29-02, 15:26


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By gw_mom3 on Fri, 11-01-02, 18:49

I called Kroger and here's what they told me. Some stuff is made by them and some is made by other companies. They have a kroger rep go to the other companies plants and observe to make sure they *think* it is safe from cross contamination. This is not even close to what they told me before. So there's a whole brand I'm beginning not to trust. She did say that all the baking chips and toaster treats are in a nut free facility but could not tell me if they are made by kroger or by another company. I'll keep buying those two things and probably frozen hash browns since our other store quit carrying Mr. dell's and only has ore-ida now, but I'm probably not going to buy any other kroger brands. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]


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By steveandleslea on Sat, 11-02-02, 10:03

I am fairly confident that things like toaster treats, hash browns, and choc. chips are not made by Kroger, but by other companies. Imagine how many factories Kroger would have to own to manufacture all those goods themselves. The Kroger pickle factory, the Kroger choc. chip factory, the Kroger toilet bowl cleaner factory...it's just not practical.

Kroger has its own dairy facilities, bakeries, meat facilities. I'm racking my brain to try to remember anything else they themselves would make. I'm not even totally sure if ice cream is made by them or if it is just "branded" theirs by another manufacturer. Your store manager would know, though.

Kroger brands have been great for us, and as far as labeling goes, it is probably better labeling than the brand names, because Kroger products do not sit on the shelf getting old. They have a very fast "turn" time, meaning they sell fast and sell all the way through. There is less warehousing of, say, Kroger canned tomatoes than there is of Del Monte or some other brand name.

But follow your gut! I feel better knowing that I can read both the labels (Kroger's and the "brand name") and make an informed decision, but that is just me!

I sound like I own stock in Kroger or something! LOL! Don't I wish!

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By ahensley on Sat, 10-08-05, 01:10

Just wondering if anyone has used the Kroger brand of rasperberry sherbert (with lime and pinapple) My mom made a cake with it and even called Krogers twice but stated they couldn't contact the dietitain until Monday. We are out of state in Ohio, from AZ.... so any help? Do you all trust Krogers ice cream?

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By gw_mom3 on Sat, 10-08-05, 22:11

I don't trust their ice cream. They told me the last time I called that the ice cream is NOT labelled for cross contamination. I asked why they had the policy for some items and not for others and she couldn't tell me.


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By ahensley on Mon, 10-10-05, 16:40

We did the sherbert after the day before doing very small testing for tolerance. He has eaten 2 normal servings since then without any trouble. We used the raspberry, lime, and pinapple flavored sherbert. They do not list any peanuts in the label and the dietitian called my mother this am and said they do use peanuts in the plant but are very through about cleaning. My mother did not ask about dedicated lines. She is doing the best she can to be careful, but without reading books and this list - its is hard to know exactly what to ask. I just wanted to post this so others would know that we did the sherbert with Krogers brand label without any trouble. I am not recommending it is safe, just our experience.

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