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By katiee on Mon, 01-20-03, 00:01

I receive a magazine from Kraft Canada every other month or so that's full of recipe ideas, best part is it's "free"!

I was so pleased to see a great ad in the latest issue (I received mine last week) from Anaphylaxis Canada.

The ad went like this:

81/2 x 11" full colour page, "The Olympica are tough. but I face my biggest challenge every day" large size photograph of LaDonna Antoine-Watkins: Canadian Champion 400 meter sprinter.

"I nearly missed competing in the Sydney Olympics because of a life-threatening allergic reaction to peanut. Luckily, my teammates knew what to do. With their support and help, I was able to run my race.

(in BOLD)
Chances are you know someone who lives with anaphylaxis.

Whether you are a coach, teacher, camp director, neighbour, parent or friend visit [url=""][/url] to see how you can make your community safer for people living with aanaphylaxis.

I have to say I was so happy to see this that I got teary eyed. It felt so good to show my PA child a role model who also happened to have a peanut allergy!

I emailed Anaphylaxis Canada to thank them. It was really well done.

Take care,


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By Going Nuts on Mon, 01-20-03, 01:40


That's fabulous! (Of course I don't mean it's fabulous that she has food allergies, just that she is speaking out about them. [img][/img] )

Maybe you should send this to FAAN; they have been looking for celebrity spokespeople for some time. The fact that it is a "strong" athletic type is a bonus.

Thanks for the heads up.


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By on Mon, 01-20-03, 02:55

Katiee, I received mine by mistake (i.e., it came for a previous tenant) and you know what? I completely missed the ad. All I could see were recipes using Kraft pb! LOL!
I still have it though because it does look quite good recipe wise so I'll have to go over it again. Excellent stuff! [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]


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By culinarytom on Wed, 05-04-11, 09:33

Great recipe. would have made a great giveaway item.
Mag from

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