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Klondike bars

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By pixiegirl on Tue, 10-18-05, 18:53

My daughter loves these... and they had a sale on them today, her favorite flavor was sold out (dark chocolate) so I looked at the ingredients on all the other flavors and they all say, "may contain peanuts". I was shocked.

When I got home I check the package we have in the frig (its about a week old) its the dark chocolate flavor and it does not say, "may contain peanuts".

Somehow I feel its odd that every single flavor including the best selling "original" may contain peanuts but our dark chocolate doesn't. Do they make just the dark chocolate in a different factory??

Cape Cod, MA

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By ajgauthier on Tue, 10-18-05, 19:26

you can call them and find out. I haven't eaten a Klondike bar for atleast 12 years...I think it was back around that time they put the "may contain peanuts" warning on them. If it's the dark chocolate variety without the warning, I wonder if the regular chocolate they use comes with a may contain warning that they transfer over to their product. Could be the chocolate, not necessarily the icecream. Different chocolate, different warning?

But, that still wouldn't negate the idea of shared equipment lines for the dark chocolate variety. I'd call and find out, especially if it's a favorite :-)


30-year old survivor of sever peanut/tree nut allergy

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By Heather3 on Tue, 10-18-05, 21:22

I've called them on this before and the assured me that there are some dedicated lines and they label accordintgly. I'll try to find the post for you and raise it.

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By lhall77 on Fri, 04-13-12, 01:18

My son has several food allergies including nuts and tree nuts.
The ingredients labeled on the Original Klondike bars for years has said nothing about peanuts. The others (Krunch, Heath) have had in the past a peanuts listed. So, Original is what we have always bought. Today the store was sold out of the Original Klondike bar and I checked the ingredients for Heath and Krunch. There is NOT an allergy warning listed. Only has the ingredients and says nothing about peanuts. Can they be safe to eat?

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