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Kit Kat Wafers

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By thehansens on Thu, 03-09-00, 18:05

Is it true that Kit Kat wafers do not contain peanuts? There is no labeling so I have given them to my son with no problem.

If there is a known risk, however, I want to stop.

I have also noticed the same labeling problem with Hershey's Sweet Sensations wafers. No problems there either.

Any information is appreciated.


Tim Hansen


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By Chris LaPlaca on Thu, 03-09-00, 18:32

I let my tree nut allergic daughter eat kit kats, but she did have some mysterious hives one halloween after extremely careful screening my myself and my husband. I have not given her them since then (1 1/2 years). I know that for Halloween lots of manufacturors must really be pumping out candy so now I'm extra-cautious (vermont nut free, here I come!).

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By LoriHuhn on Thu, 03-09-00, 18:44

My son who is fatally allergic to peanuts has eaten kit-kats for years (he is 8 1/2) with no problems. It seems that it's one of the few chocolate candies that is safe.

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By katiee on Thu, 03-09-00, 19:33

Kit Kat bars are among the few chocolate bars that my allergist said were considered "safe" to give my PA son...but I always read the label with each new purchase. Also included were Smarties, Mirage, and Aero, although the "specialty" Smarties put out at Easter, Valentines, Christmas...the ones which are inside a chocolate egg for instance are not OK as they are manufactured in the States. I have never had a problem with the above mentioned treats mind you this is in Canada, I'm not sure about the same treats in the US.


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By ashley'smom on Thu, 03-09-00, 20:01

I read the Kit Kat label recently and although the product itself contains no peanuts, the wrapper contained an allergan allert. Kit Kats are manufactured in a factory which uses peanuts in other products. Although the candy bar does not contain peanuts, there is the cross-contamination factor. I have since stopped serving Kit Kats to my daughter.

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By AnMaMc on Thu, 03-09-00, 20:24

My PA son has eaten Kit Kat bars for quite awhile with no problems. Recently, during a school fund raiser, my son was asked to sell a box of Hershey's candy bars. Included in this box were large sized Kit Kats that had the warning label of "manufactured on equipment....etc." this was the first time I ever noticed this labeling (February, 2000). He asked to eat one and I didn't give him the bar. It's truly confusing!! The only thing I can think of is the large sized (fund raiser) bars may be mass produced with little or no cleaning of the equipment!?! NEVER STOP READING THOSE LABELS!!

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By PattyR on Thu, 03-09-00, 21:03

I too have noticed this recent addition to the Kit Kat bars. I had heard this was coming and am disappointed to say the least. It is so hard on my son when there is something that he has had and then it is taken away. This is another reason that I don't let people make food decisions for him.

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By AnMaMc on Fri, 03-10-00, 00:18

What bothers me the MOST is that the manufacturer is probably not changing the process at all, just throwing this label on some products. None of us have had problems with Kit Kats before, and now because of this warning it sounds like most of us won't be giving them to our children. My point, these manufacturers better wise up and come to some consistency!!!! I don't think Kit Kats are any more dangerous now then they were before this warning label was slapped on. This drives me crazy!!

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By Mruby on Fri, 03-10-00, 01:05

My favorite candy bar used to be Twix. Did anyone else notice that they changed the wrapper color when they started stating they could contain peanuts (this was a few years ago.) That was the only reason I decided to read the label. Maybe that was coincidence and they were trying a new marketing campaign.

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By scywong on Fri, 03-10-00, 01:23


In Canada Kit Kat are safe. As for Twix, they make a peanut butter twix and that was when they changed the packaging to a gold metallic wrapper. As for Sweet Sensations, the product that is in Canada is not a safe treat. Sweet Sensations has peanut butter treats too and the labeling on the wafers in Canada say that they may contain peanuts.

Hope that helps!

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By DebO on Fri, 03-10-00, 01:44


It should be noted that IN CANADA Nestle has a peanut free plant where even the employees cannot bring in peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. This is why kit kat, mirage, aero, coffee crisp and smarties are considered safe AS LONG AS THEY ARE MANUFACTURED IN CANADA. You should check to make sure they have not been imported.

I do not know about the US, but last year on these boards it seemed that Nestle was not using a peanut free plant in the States. This may have changed. Someone in the States should check with Nestle.

Take care


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By rebekahc on Fri, 03-10-00, 05:12

I'm PA and every time I've ever eaten a Kit Kat bar I've gotten an itchy throat. I assume this is from the cross contamination and will no longer eat the bars. I've had the same problem with Twix.


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By redtruck on Sat, 03-11-00, 21:57

In Canada, Kit Kat, Aero, Coffee Crisp, and Smarties are manufactured in a separate nut free plant...very safe here, but I read that in the US, they have started labelling may contain traces,etc, on their labels now...from a post in food manufacturers bb.
I hope they continue this here in Canada, unfortunately they dont in the US...I believe I read that Hersheys plain chocolate is safe as it is manufactured in a separate plant or least on a separate line...any comments?

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By Lidia on Sun, 03-12-00, 14:21

AnMaMc is exactly right. I called Hershey when I saw the warning. The woman told me they have not changed the manufacturing process at all. They have an allergy task force who recommended the warning be put on the label. Kit Kats are in a separate area from peanut products which is separately enclosed with a door. The employees are aware of the allergy concern and take precautions. So it is up to you to decide. I always gave my son them before and decided I would continue to allow them, but have yet to do it. It has to be a personal decision

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By Yankee on Mon, 03-13-00, 16:11

I am PA and have eaten Kit Kats for years with no problem. However, whenever I see a "may contain" warning, I stop eating the product regardless. Nothing is worth the risk!

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