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Kids\' Medic Alert Bracelets?

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By jmk33180 on Mon, 01-21-08, 17:33

I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a site for children's bracelets that are more kids oriented?

I've gotten all the literature and researched a ton on regular medi bracelets, but I am looking for something "fun" for him. Maybe with a character or something on it? More specifically, Mickey Mouse?

Thanks for the help!

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By mom2lily&thomas on Thu, 01-24-08, 20:29

My son wears the sports ban from Medical Alert. We got him the one with soccer balls and he loves it. He's 3 yo



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By EDacca on Mon, 01-28-08, 01:24

I get my daughters from [url="http://www.hahoriginals.com"]http://www.hahoriginals.com[/url] they are great!

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By mom of L&C on Wed, 01-30-08, 00:57

I would also recommend the Medic Alert bracelet. Both of my kids (6 & 4) have the stainless steel version. We opted for this version because of there sensitive skin.
Once you are a member they will keep all of your child's medical records on file. If there are ever any questions if your child has an accident, medical personnel have been trained to look for Medic Alert or medical identification bracelets. The toll free number on the bracelet has 24/7 emergency response center to answer all questions. It costs $40 to join which includes the price of the bracelet and $25 a year for membership.
I believed in the Medic Alert bracelet so much I became a Medic Alert Community Ambassador. Also because if for some reason my children were away from me or something happened to me, I have the peace of mind knowing that there medical history is only a phone call away.
Did you know that if your child is allergic to eggs that he/she could not use the most widely used general anesthesia Propofol because it is egg based? I did not find this out until I ordered his bracelet.

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