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Kelloggs labels

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By erik on Tue, 10-23-01, 04:33

I know that Kelloggs Canada labels products based on the possibility of cross contamination. As an example, a product such as Frosted Flakes does not contain peanuts, but the label does say "may contain peanuts" since it is made on the same line as a peanut product (ie: Honey Nut Corn Flakes).

From reading threads here, I have read that Kelloggs USA does not label as well as Kelloggs Canada does (they use box codes? ie: KN, etc?). I was wondering if products made in the USA by Kelloggs USA for Kelloggs Canada would be labelled as well as those made by Kelloggs Canada (ie: cross-contamination possibilities).

Wel, I noticed something in the grocery store that seems to indicate that Kelloggs Canada ensures their products made in the USA are labelled properly.

I saw chocolate rice krispie squares (made for Kelloggs Canada and imported from USA) labelled as "may contain peanuts". They do not have peanuts in them, so I was wondering why they would be labelled this way. Then I saw that there was also a product called Rice Krispie peanut butter squares (Also made in USA). So it looks like Kelloggs Canada products made in the USA are labelled with cross-contamination issues taken into account.

I am not 100% sure, but seeing the warning label on the non-peanut product seems to show they are labelling with cross-contamination issues in mind (unlike other manufacturers).

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By on Tue, 10-23-01, 16:12

Kellogg's may be labeling correctly for Canada but they are DEFINATELY NOT for the USA! I have yet to find a box of anything Kellogg's makes that has any pn warning whatsoever. I have seen wheat, egg and milk warnings but NEVER for peanuts! My son has had 2 fairly major reactions in recent weeks from Kellogg's and we are definately staying away from them until they start labeling better!

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By hannah mom on Tue, 10-23-01, 18:44

Your belief about Kelloggs Canada does not match what I have learned from speaking with them, at least for their Eggo Waffles. In this case, since the equipment is cleaned in between production of the peanut-containing flavour and non-peanut flavours no may contain warning is included on the box.
As someone wrote to me when I asked how others felt about Eggo Waffles: "They follow the GMPs (good manufacturing practices) and do not *have* to put blanket warnings on items unless there is an actual risk of cross-contamination."

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By erik on Tue, 10-23-01, 19:14

I guess the difference must be:

If a peanut product (ie: Honey Nut Corn Flakes, Peanut Rice Krispie Squares) is run on the same production line as a non peanut product (ie: Frosted Flakes, Chocolate Rice Krispie squares) and there is not a thorough cleaning between runs, the "may contain peanuts" warning is placed on Kelloggs Canada products because of the risk of cross-contamination.

If there is a thorough cleaning process (ie: Eggo regular, Eggo peanut) the warning is not placed on the packaging.

I think this is fairly standard with most companies. People on this site always post Ben and Jerry's is a safe ice cream. But even Ben and Jerry's ice cream runs their peanut flavours on the same production line as regular flavours (they have no dedicated non-nut lines). They don't put the "may contain peanuts" warning on their labels since they do a thorough cleaning after running the peanut ice cream.

Everyone has their own level of comfort with which products are safe. It is always a hard decision to kow what is safe, unless of course it is a peanut free plant like Nestle Canada chocolate.

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By MaureenAnn on Tue, 10-23-01, 19:15

Neighborgal, mind sharing the Kellogs products that you and your son had trouble with?? I'd appreciate it.....and sorry for your trouble, hope he is ok.Maureen

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By Heather2 on Tue, 10-23-01, 21:23

I just got a Kellogs Pop Tart out of the vending machine and the label says "may contain wheat ingredients". It's definitely from Kellogs USA.

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By SLICE on Wed, 10-24-01, 13:04

This is one major reason why we must send letters to the FDA before the Oct. 29 deadline stating the need for mandatory labeling. FAAN has deserted us on this issue (they get lots of money from food manufacturers, Kellogg's included). Check FDA legislation board.

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By CVRTBB on Mon, 12-03-01, 16:05

(I was Neighborgal but cannot get in with that ID for some reason) My son reacted severely to the Kellogg's Frosted Rice Krispies and to their waffles. We do not buy any Kellogg's anything anymore... just can't trust them to label correctly.

Sorry that it has taken so long to answer you, we've been off line for a while and only able to check back occasionally.


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