just wanna share my cure

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By hemantshah on Tue, 07-25-06, 13:22

Hai, this is hemant.I was suffering from sinus allergy from past 5 years. I used to get conjugation. And was unable to concentration on my studies and focus on my work. I also suffered with hypoma. I was fed up with the allopathic medications which I had to take daily and get diagnosed regularly. So, I was in search of a physician who could treat me with the natural way and finally I found a website [url="http://www.drraomd.com"]www.drraomd.com[/url] and met the specialist Dr.K.Rao. I have been taking the dietary supplements and the sinus problem has been completely resolved in two weeks. Now presently I don

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By that'smetrying on Tue, 07-25-06, 21:26

yeah. right.

mom to Ari(6) - severe nut allergies, asthma, you name it - and Maya (9), mild excema


hangin' at the new board.

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By williamsmummy on Tue, 07-25-06, 21:51

well, thank you sweet heart. Glad it worked for you.

However, cant bring myself to trust anyone who wears a false tash......................or maye a bat has landed on his upper lip?


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