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J.J. Snacks Super Pretzels

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By on Tue, 06-18-02, 02:51

Has anyone tried these or called about these? They are the large, soft pretzels often sold by street vendors and also come frozen at the grocery store.

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By ryan's mom on Fri, 06-21-02, 02:26


I have a really gross story about soft pretzels, and I believe, but am not 100% sure that this company was responsible for one of my ultimate, gross-out experiences. It seems the pretzel kiosk at our local mall buys their pretzels from a big supplier--they don't actually make the pretzels there. They just heat 'em and sell 'em. Anyway, one day I bought the "buy 3 get one free" special. I told the girls we would eat them in the car which we did. Halfway through my pretzel, I chewed on something that seemed a little tough. It was definitely INSIDE the dough. At first I was going to swallow it, but had second thoughts and took it out of my mouth. Would you believe, get this, it was a crumpled up kid bandaid. I didn't look close enough to find out what special character it was either! I was so grossed out I felt like throwing up right then and there, but the thought of cleaning up my kids' vomit made me hold it in. (I'm sure they'd get sick from seeing my vomit!) I didn't say a word to them, and didn't have the heart to tell my husband. (He doesn't have a stomach for such things.)

Needless to say, the only soft pretzels I have eaten have been my own homemade ones, so at least if I bite in to another bandaid, I'll have a genetic relation to the body fluids on it. Ewww! Everytime I think about this experience it is so disgusting to me.

Now, the question is, am I positive it was this company that supplied the pretzels to the mall kiosk? No, I'm not. I can't point fingers if I'm not 100% sure, but let's just say I'm 90% sure because I remember complaining about what happened to the owner/manager and asking specifically who was their supplier. This happened about two and half years ago, yet for some reason, this company name seems familiar. Next time I go to the mall, I'll check again. I don't want to put a bad label on a company that may not deserve it. The company responsible, however, doesn't not enforce good, sanitary, and clean procedures in my book though, and that means cross-contamination is quite possible.

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By on Mon, 06-24-02, 02:16



Would you be willing to share your pretzel recipe? I tried one I found, but it was not at all like the real thing!

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By B's Mom on Mon, 06-24-02, 18:16

My PA son eats the frozen Super Pretzels all the time with no problems. I never called the manufacture (shame on me), because he has been eating them since before we knew he had PA.
He also eats the soft pretzels they serve in the snack bars at Target and Walmat stores. It

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By ryan's mom on Sat, 06-29-02, 00:23

This is my pretzel recipe that I got from my daughter's friends' mother. We thought it was absolutely fabulous compared to other recipes I have tried. Make sure you make them very thin, because they will "grow" during the boiling and baking. I tried making them the size of normal soft pretzels the first time, and they just grew into a blob. Maybe my yeast was new and vigorous. If you have a bread machine, use it. That's what I use for this recipe as kneading by hand just takes a long time. Also, I usually half the recipe. They never taste as good the next day and if you don't have a crowd, there will be some wasted pretzels.


4 to 4

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By ryan's mom on Sun, 06-30-02, 15:31


It will probably take me a month or two to find out about the pretzels. I can't remember the name of the kiosk, and it's tourist season where I live. Our mall is infested with so many out-of-towners and the local traffic is unbelievable, so I stay away from it until back-to-school time when I have to go. That's when I'll ask.

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By Heather2 on Thu, 09-19-02, 19:22

FYI - I bought a Betty Crocker pretzel making kit at BJ's and it was pretty good. Made some pretzels for us to take to the local fair last spring.

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By ryan's mom on Fri, 09-20-02, 00:59

I'll look for that Betty Crocker kit. That sounds like something we might like to try.

I haven't been to the mall in months, but I'm going to have to go soon for my daughter's sneakers. It's bothering me that I can't remember with certainty who manufactured the pretzel related to my gross-out experience.

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By AJSMAMA on Wed, 10-23-02, 14:23

Has anyone else tried the frozen superpretzels recently? I am thinking about letting my son eat them.


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By becca on Sat, 10-04-03, 18:49

Raising because I had acoupon and we have never tried these. Might give a email and will post back. becca

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By becca on Mon, 10-06-03, 21:48

Thank you for contacting us concerning our SUPERPRETZEL Soft Pretzels.
are glad you enjoy our product and proud to inform you that our retail
pretzels (the pretzels sold in 6 count and 25 count boxes) are
on dedicated lines, and there is no cross contamination with any other
products. We do not manufacture any other products in our plant that
contain peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs. Thanks again for contacting us
and we
hope you continue to enjoy our product.


Susan E. Leso
Marketing Coordinator
856-665-9533 x 308


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