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jimmy johns

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By caryn on Sat, 07-07-07, 16:49

anybody know anything about jimmy johns gourmet subs? there are no ingredient listings on their web site as far as i can tell.

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By Chicago on Sun, 07-08-07, 02:25

DD has eaten Jimmy Johns for years with no trouble. They do not have PB and J or any nuts/pesto etc... spreads. They do sell cookies that are not baked on site, that I seem to recall are not safe.

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By fuzzyfurball on Thu, 07-12-07, 01:19

I have eaten their sandwiches with no problems what so ever! The above poster is correct..the cookies are not safe for us and neither are their brand chips! Hope this helps!

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By caryn on Thu, 07-12-07, 13:14

thanks so much -- i did notice the chips were in peanut oil.

has anyone been able to get ingredient info -- my son has other allergies besides peanut i need to look for...... i emailed them on their web site but have not heard back yet.

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By afr117 on Thu, 07-12-07, 17:26

I'll be interested to see what you find out as they are opening one around the corner from where I work next weekend.

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