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Jamie\'s Cool New EpiPen Holder Ideas

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By Fran on Mon, 07-22-02, 17:23

Although this post is geared towards girls, perhaps boys can come up with a similar idea. My PA daughter Jamie & I were at Wal-Mart this weekend shopping for back-to-school supplies when Jamie noticed some "cool" cases. They are made by "No Boundaries" and are advertised as being a holder for pencils, erasers, rulers, lunch money, etc. They are material zip-cases with a loop at the top and come in a variety of colors with a gem star on the front. We purchased a pink one, a blue one and a black one. We also found one in a sparkly denim w/ a bandana material patch & gems on front. I shortened the loops by folding them over and stitching them so that the packs do not swing to much when she walks. They only cost $2.86 each and are perfectly sized for holding an EpiPen and emergency card inside. We were able to put her EpiPen in the Allergy Pack (which is insulated) & an emergency medical card inside. (She wears a Medic Alert bracelet or medallion also.) We've tried a variety of holders over the years and everyone at school knows that Jamie wears her EpiPen on her waist in a holder (the classroom teacher & school nurse also have EpiPens).

Then we went into the Girls Dept. at Wal-Mart and Jamie came across a plastic box containing one size fits all material belts in a variety of colors that will match her outfits and the new holders. They are called "Wrap It! 5 Days A Week Ribbon Belts". They cost $7.96 for a set of 5 belts.

Now for girls AND BOYS. The school nurse and Jamie's classroom teacher have bottles of Benadryl along with EpiPens. Jamie carries her EpiPen on herself, as mentioned above, and I also "prefill" small Rubbermaid plastic containers with 2-3 teaspoons of Benadryl that she has access to in the event of an emergency and can just drink quickly. She keeps one container in her backpack and one in a cute case (again we found a material-type pencil case) attached to her lunch box w/ an emergency card hanging on it.

FYI, the "emergency cards" I refer to in this post are the laminated bright green cards we've purchased from FAAN w/ food allergy symtoms and medical info printed on them. She also has the "credit card-type" Medic Alert cards that are sent to you when you purchase Medic Alert jewelry.

Stay Safe,

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By Noslo on Tue, 07-23-02, 02:12


This is a great post. I haven't thought of prefilling a dose of Benadryl. Good thought. I like the idea of Jamies holder, very girly and cute. I bet it helps her get alittle happier when is decked out in gems.

Thanks for the ideas.

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By chelle.tovar on Thu, 04-22-10, 20:54

Can you post pictures?

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By Cathy Jenkins Hensley on Tue, 10-18-11, 14:31

Great ideas on the cases. I will look for them here. I also wanted to let you know that Benadryl has a product called Children's Benadryl Perfect Measure. It is liquid Benadryl in pre-filled single use spoons. They are individually wrapped and have a twist off cap. These are great for a lunch bag and I keep some in my purse as well as my DS epi-pen case. I also give some to my in-laws when they have my DS
Here is a link for more info on this product

Mom of 5 yr old PA-TA asthmatic son.

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