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Is there a sign/feeling that you\'ve eaten a peanut?

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By CanadaPA on Mon, 03-13-06, 03:27

I have two adult friends with peanut allergies and both have told me that as soon as food that has come in contact or has peanuts in it enters his/her mouth, he/she knows it. Both spit the food out and drink lots of water. Both have never had to use the EPI pen.

As a parent of a child with a peanut allergy, I would like to know if this is common or not. If it is, I will talk to my son (6) about this so he can keep it in mind. When he had his 1st and only reaction, he could not swallow the peanut he told me and I thought that he had just not chewed it enough. (He was only 4 at the time) Maybe this is the sign that he will get. Before eating the M & M peanut that one time, he had never wanted or liked the smell of any peanut products.



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By ajgauthier on Mon, 03-13-06, 04:06

great question

I'm afraid my answer is the same as your friends' answers..."you just know"...it's this nasty nasty taste that won't go away (I believe it's hives on the tongue?) No matter how much water, or milk, or juice you drink, the taste will no go away. To me, it's reminiscent of the hot feeling you get with uber-hot Tabasco sauce or spicy-hot food. I used to not eat spicy hot food b/c for a few seconds, it reminded me of a PA reaction. The difference though, is that the spicy-hot goes away...a PA-hot does not.

My last 2 reactions (eons ago now) I did the same as your friends, I drank about a half-gallon of water, then I made myself throw up (I took a huge bite of something and swalled). Then I drank more water, had the epi, popped a benadryl, and went to the ER. I'm not sure if the water/throw up combo did anything beneficial...but to me at the time it was less peanut in my belly.

I'm not sure how to help your young son be able to distinguish the taste of a reaction without actually eating pb or something. Is he smell sensitive? Smelling pb gives me the same taste in my mouth (and a stuffy nose).


30-year old survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

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By LisaM on Mon, 03-13-06, 04:10

Just speaking from my experience here--when I was a kid I encountered peanuts 3 times that I know of--once I did have that immediate reaction in the mouth + I spit the food out before swallowing and, yeah, I went for the water. The reaction did not progress any further. (The other two times weren't with actual peanuts---I once reacted to peanut oil in potato chips (immediate mouth tingling/itchiness) and once to chocolate M&Ms which were probably contaminated with peanut protein(itching mouth + vomiting).

The only other time I've eaten something containing nuts (not sure if it was tree nuts or peanuts) it was odd because the reaction in my mouth and throat was not as bothersome at first + I felt quite nauseous but didn't actually throw up--but then I went into full blown anaphylactic shock.

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By CanadaPA on Mon, 03-13-06, 04:13

We do not know if he is smell sensitive.

I have been asking a lot of questions lately as we are going to see his allergist next month. I am considering in a controlled environment having the doctor open a jar of peanut butter to find out.

I assume he is and has as far as we know no contact with peanuts but... his friends mother was telling me her kids eat PB all the time and play with him. She washes their hands but she tells me he can't be that sensitive.

I don't want to make him paranoid just cautious but that is a fine line. Thanks for your answer. It helps me to understand to share with him.


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By rebekahc on Mon, 03-13-06, 14:58

I have to agree with your friends. I usually know even before it gets into my mouth. It's very hard to describe, like a sixth sense. Occasionally when it has gotten in my mouth, I've known right away (feels like fire ants or electric current kind of intense burning, tingling, itching) and do the water thing as well. I will say though, the one place peanuts are able to hide from me is in frozen stuff. Before I knew better, I used to eat at ice cream places and had 2 anaphylactic reactions because I couldn't sense the peanut until too late.


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By on Mon, 03-13-06, 15:22

I re-raised an older thread for you.


The topic started the same - but changed a bit. I thought you might find it helpful though. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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