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IS PA a disability?

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By supermom on Tue, 09-02-03, 19:57

I have seen in a few post something about PA being a disability ..something about section 504 I don't really remember exactly? If Pa is considered a disability what exactly does that mean and is it documented somehow ... what are the ups and downs to this if there are any at all?


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By Love my C on Tue, 09-02-03, 21:07

Hi supermom & Welcome!

If you go to this link it has some info for you. My son isn't in school yet so we do not have personal experience with a 504 plan but you will find more info on the Schools section here.

Happy Reading!


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By supermom on Tue, 09-02-03, 23:31

Thanks! I started reading and decided to print it out and read it without interruptions. My daughter is only 3 but I'm already dreading the days when I will have to send her off too school. I guess I want to be well armed when the day comes.


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By heather tabor on Mon, 05-10-10, 17:03

I have just started reading about the 504 plan. Still having a lot of problems at the school, my son is now in first grade. It is a constant battle. While the cafeteria has gone peanut free, the children are still allowed to bring it from home. Went to eat with my child today, at the register, there in plain sight, trail mix, full of peanuts! I was sick to my stomach. I was informed his class was not allowed to have them, they were for 5th grades to eat while testing! It will take a child dying there before anything will be done. Good luck!

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By Mach5AR on Thu, 06-03-10, 00:40

Life-threatening allergies are considered a disability and are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to a representative from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. And just as school districts must make their buildings safe and accessible to people in wheelchairs, they must also make them safe for people suffering from severe allergies.
By: David Fonseca
Published: 03/05/10


Check the link and read the full story, but it has been challenged and upheld. There is case law on it also.

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