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Is outgrowing PA a myth?

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By Lovey on Sun, 05-02-04, 14:15


Peanut resensitization after negative skin tests and negative oral challenge

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By pennykandy on Sat, 07-03-04, 02:14

So what's the point of saying they "outgrew" the PA if you also say it can reappear at any time???? Isn't that like saying they never outgrew it all?

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By darthcleo on Sat, 07-03-04, 02:24

It would *seem* that once you get a "clean bill" after a challenge, that you do have to expose yourself to peanuts on a regular basis. This is not the first report of PA coming back, and it's always in cases of people who stayed away from peanuts after passing the challenge. People who eat peanuts once a week don't get the allergy back. CAVEAT: this is only based on circumstantial evidence.

I wish I could find the medical report that mentionned the above.

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