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Instructions in Spanish

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By Wolokahn on Thu, 02-24-00, 18:51

Does anyone have Epipen instructions in Spanish or know how I can get some? How about any handouts on how to deal with nut allergies en espanol?


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By DebO on Fri, 02-25-00, 04:49


I asked the same question last year! There are some great brochures available from the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, which you can get at the following link:


Sorry - I haven't found any epipen instructions yet.



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By carmen22 on Sat, 11-01-14, 00:37

in spanish
i´m very allergic to nuts,please be really carefull
soy muy alérgico a las semillas y many por favor tenga mucho cuidado.
call a doctor- llame un doctor
epi pen use
remove blue safety button-quite el tapon azul
hold the epi pen with the orange tip next to the outer thight
tenga el epi pen con la punta naranja cerca de la parte exterior de la pierna
press the orange tip and count to 10
presione con fuerza la punta naranja contra la pierna y cuente a diez
i hope this helps
if you need more info let me know

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By peanutgallery on Thu, 07-05-12, 21:44

This link has the Epi Pen instructions in Spanish.


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