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Info on Infant Reflux & Gastrointestinal Reactions to Food Allergens

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By Cayley's Mom on Wed, 07-03-02, 21:44

Very informative Australian site, with a quote from Dr. Hugh Sampson on the rising incidence of reflux.



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By Nina on Wed, 07-17-02, 17:42

Carolyn -- Thanks for sharing this link. Our oldest son (4 yrs) is PA and our youngest (2 1/2) had reflux as an infant (didn't throw up, but his airway would become blocked and he passed out at 3 weeks!) and is now having fairly regular bouts of diarrhea (every few weeks -- his doctor just says "he's in daycare!" like "what do you expect"... uurrgghhhh). It's only just been occurring to me that maybe he's intolerant (or allergic) of some food and that we should start exploring this. It really never occurred to me that the reflux may have been related to this as well -- always thought it was an immature esophagus (sp?) per the testing/diagnosis at 3 weeks. I've also been having some similar problems for the last year or so. This site was very informative and gives me a lot of food for thought and some possible next steps. Thank you!


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