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In and Out Burger

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By proudmomof2 on Tue, 12-20-05, 06:47

I just called In and Out's Corporate # and was told I would need to be called back on the tree nuts. They didn't know about peanut oil x-contam. with the cottonseed oil they use or the spices (which is just salt and pepper). Oh- I didn't check the sauce. But the shake mix they use is peanut-free though they have peanuts in the facility, the dairy told them they do everything to avoid x-contam. The buns are peanut-free. I will update when I find out more. Here's their all-night # available till 1 am or so PT: 800-786-1000


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By Peg541 on Tue, 12-20-05, 15:17

My son eats In and Out without problems. Of course this is not a recommendation but he does fine there. He is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, fish, tomatoes, soy, oats.

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By toomanynuts on Wed, 12-21-05, 01:37

My dd eats there a lot and without problem. Called and was told by the Corporate office that the shakes were not safe for nut allergies, the cheese not safe for soy allergies, the buns were not safe for soy allergies and the rest is fine. DD eats french fries, meat patties, and drinks 7 up. Not much chance of cross contamination in the actually store as there are no nuts there. Pretty basic food items. Beef, cheese, veges, buns, shakes, sodas and french fries.
Give it a try they are very helpful.


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By proudmomof2 on Wed, 12-21-05, 05:55

I got my call back today but she didn't know if the sauce was ok that they use on the burgers. I asked about the spices and the oil they use. She wasn't sure if they had any traces. I felt silly asking about pepper but I thought it is recommended to call on spices. Then I thought of the peanut oil cross contam. since I ran into that with the frozen Foster Farms mini corn dogs. I am starting to feel like we are going further and further into the bubble. She said she would call me back on those 3 items.


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By proudmomof2 on Sat, 01-14-06, 17:45

She called back on the cross-cont. of the peanut oil with the cottonseed oil they use to make the fries. The peanut oil is refined and they clean the lines in between runs. Now I do not know if that means they refine it on the shared equipment or it is refined somewhere else and then run on the same equipment as the cottonseed oil. I am not sure how that whole process works. I hate talking through someone else to get the info. The pepper is fine. She could not give any info. out on the sauce. I guess her life is at stake or something. Proprietary. Whatever. My son does not eat the sauce.

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