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imitation almond extract

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By lj on Sun, 12-17-06, 19:36

Hi All,

Has anyone ever used imitation almond extract without problems? I believe it is derived from the seed of the peach or apricot kernel.

I'm just asking b/c of all the baking this time of year. I come from a big Italian family that does a lot of baking. Everyone has been wonderful regarding the nuts but I know everyone misses it. If I could tell them that they could possibly use imitation extract in a few things for flavor it just may make everyone's Christmas.

Please let me know any successes/problems.


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By d's mom on Sun, 12-17-06, 21:54

I have used both real and imitation almond flavouring without any problem whatsoever. I use Club House brand.

It's NOT from almonds.

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By Jen224 on Sun, 12-17-06, 22:41

McCormick is safe. Here's an email response from them---I received it within the last week. Hope this helps! Jen

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate your
interest in our Pure Almond Extract and all of our extracts and welcome the
opportunity to be of assistance to you.

We are pleased to inform you that we do not use any peanuts or tree
nuts in our extracts. The facilities that manufacture extracts ban tree
nuts or peanuts so there is no risk of cross contamination. The almond
extract is also safe - the oil of bitter almond is derived from apricot
pits - not almonds.

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By lj on Mon, 12-18-06, 02:24

Wow, thanks so much.

I swear when my son was diagnosed with TNA (even though he tested neg to almonds) the nurse said to even stay away from almond extracts. Why would that be? Do you have any ideas? Is it just so they learn not to like that almond flavor?

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By lj on Mon, 12-18-06, 02:30

Also, I forgot to ask...

Do those of you who use these extracts have TNA? If so, were you told by drs to stay away?

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By d's mom on Mon, 12-18-06, 04:07

only peanut allergies here.

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By gw_mom3 on Mon, 12-18-06, 04:33

Maybe some do have almond in them. In the Penzey's spice catalog it says that their extracts are from almonds. It does not say this in their online catalog but in the paper catalog it basically says something like "our extracts are made from pure vanilla, almonds, etc"


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By greenpalm on Wed, 07-25-12, 07:06

I realize this is an old thread, but since I found it today via google search, someone else might also, and perhaps my information will be helpful.

I'm surprised that McCormick feels comfortable saying their facility is free of treenuts, when they are processing apricot pits there. Although apricot pits are not eaten, they are most certainly treenuts. Botanically, apricot, prune, peach, and even rosehips, are all close cousins of almonds.

My son is allergic to almonds (and all other treenuts). Indeed he surprised us just he other day with a cross reaction to a peach. It's a bummer too, because he was really enjoying it.

Just be careful, apricot pits look exactly like almonds, almond fruit looks a lot like a peach or apricot, and I'm sure the reason the extract tastes like almonds is because they contain similar, or perhaps identicle compounds.

Good luck!

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