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Ikea Restaurants

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By Caterina2 on Fri, 01-13-06, 18:19

Has anyone ever enquired about the frozen yogurt cone or other food available at the Ikea store snack counter or restaurant? I did ask one of the workers a while back and they only gave me ingredient info but were unable to comment on cross contamination or any of their suppliers.

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By erik on Fri, 01-13-06, 19:38

I have eaten the Swedish meatballs and the 99 cent pasta special at IKEA for many years. I have never asked about their suppliers however (re- peanut cross contamination).

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By happycat on Fri, 01-13-06, 23:36

I did ask about their kids food once (pasta w/ tomato sauce and french fries). Was told (rudely enough to make my DS cry) that everything had peanuts in it. Not sure if they meant cross contamination or not (lots of their desserts have nuts). I haven't asked since.

I should add that my experience was at the Edmonton store (noticed you are from Toronto).

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