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If you were a food allergy spokesperson

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By Connielynn on Tue, 09-23-08, 02:36

...what would you say to everyone? What would you like for people to know?

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By niche on Tue, 09-23-08, 17:40

It would probably depend on the audience. Teachers? Doctors? Other parents? and topic specifically?

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By Connielynn on Tue, 09-23-08, 22:36

People in general. Doctors, lawyers, moms, dads, .......

I would want to share and educate the seriousness of food allergies. I would want to say something to open eyes and educate people.

I may have the oppertunity to speak out and I want to it right!

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By williamsmummy on Mon, 09-29-08, 14:08

have done this sort of thing many times over the years.

feel free to pick my brains if you want.

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By Connielynn on Mon, 10-06-08, 23:43

It looks [b]very [/b]promising that we will be on a national talk show. We will be talking about peanut detector dogs, but I also want to say a few things about food allergies. The producer of said talk show is open to this. We don't have a date for the interview. I am hoping to get a date soon. I don't want to look like the village idoit bragging about it.

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