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If You Live in Massachusetts, Please Ask Your Senator(s) to Support Bill 2637

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By Heather3 on Wed, 01-03-07, 19:09

Please contact your Massachusetts state senator(s) and ask them to support HR Bill 2637.

The bill states that "No school district shall prohibit a student with life-threatening allergies from possessing and adminstering epinephrine in accordances with the department of health regulations. Epinephrine must be kept in a secure, unlocked place in every area of the school where students are most at risk such as the classroom and cafeteria."

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By Alyssasmom on Thu, 01-04-07, 01:46


Do you have anymore information on this bill? ie when are they voting on this?

Thank you and I will do it.

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By Chazari99 on Sun, 05-06-07, 00:46

What is the status of this bill?

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