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If you live in Connecticut please read

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By Joanne on Thu, 02-22-01, 13:52

The State of CT passed a bill authorizing rescue squads to carry and administer epinephrine. However, this doesn't mean that all rescue squads now automatically carry and administer epinephrine. I was just on the FAAN website, which said that the rescue squads still have to apply for authorization from the state. Apparently the law authorized EMTs to carry and administer epinephrine but does not automatically require that they do so.

So call the rescue squad serving your town and see if they now carry epinephrine. If not, convince them to become authorized.

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By Rhonda RS on Thu, 04-05-01, 18:44

Hi Joanne,
I live in CT. I will give the EMTs in our area a call. Thank you for the information.

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By Bethyboo on Tue, 03-19-02, 21:35

What is the first emergency vehicle to respond to a 911 call? The fire rescue truck! For this reason, the Fire Chief Felner in Fairfield has his fire trucks equipped with epinephrine and has had his staff trained. A simple request by a mom in our town made this happen. I encourage you to do the same in your town, too.

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