If you are an adult with PA or Treenut Allergy,

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By MommaBear on Fri, 02-04-05, 14:00

have you ever had an allergic reaction to coffee or tea due to it being a "flavor" of coffee or cross contamination? (aside from the actual product itself)

General Disclaimer: I am not offering advice in any manner or form. Just asking a question.


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By on Fri, 02-04-05, 15:41

I drink coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]

Mostly either at home or at Tim Horton's. fyi - Tim Horton's has signs that all products may contain trace amounts of peanuts/nuts.

I usually drink plain coffee - black with sugar. Occasionally I drink an iced cap or Tim Horton's French Vanilla Cappucino. And I did have a couple cans of flavoured Nestle coffees.

I've never had any problems with any of these.

Two concerns I have had: 1. When a coffee shop does have any kind of nut-flavoured coffees I ask about it. Often it is a powder they spoon into the coffee. I tell them to use a clean spoon for my coffee. 2. Once when I ordered a coffee through the drive through the cup had been placed on the counter, and got some cream on the bottom of it. That [i]could[/i] have caused a reaction - if it was contaminated. Not from drinking the coffee - but from getting the cream on my hand.

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By DRobbins on Fri, 02-04-05, 16:02

I have recently become TNA (although the only symptom I can definitely attribute to nut exposure is eczema -- my realization that I am TNA came through testing, so perhaps I am not as sensitive as some others) and because I am a nursing mom I do not eat anything containing treenuts, peanuts, fish or shellfish. I have never had a reaction from corss-contaminated coffee, but I am concerned about the issue since most places use the same coffee machines for all flavors, and of course the manufacturers use the same roasting and grinding equipment for all flavors.

I do drink coffee, but I restrict it to Dunkin Donuts coffee (I've called a few times, and they insist that their hazelnut coffee is entirely artificially flavored). I would also be comfortable with Starbucks coffee, because as far as I know, they don't make flavored coffees.

I currently do not drink coffee from manufacturers who I know use real nuts in their flavorings, for example Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, a popular brand in my area.

I have never had a reaction from any brand of coffee, but while I am nursing I feel I need to be extra vigilant, since it's not just an exposure for me, but also for my little one.

I just wish that more coffee manufacturers who make nut-flavored coffees would simply state what's in their "natural" flavorings on the label so I don't have to call them to see if I need to be concerned about cross-contamination of their entire product line. I guess the new labelling law will help in this regard.


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By WoozerMom on Sat, 02-05-05, 04:46

I have never had a reaction to coffee, but I am careful about and where I drink it. I seldom drink flavored coffees, and do so only when I see them made in front of me.

It's no big deal to me, but I do pay attention to what I am ingesting. I am both PA and TNA.



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By mamabutterfly on Tue, 02-15-05, 00:00

I have had a bad coffee experience. I also have problems with places that sell peanut butter cookies not using a different pair of tongs or spatula to get the cookies. I won't eat a blizzard because they don't properly clean the beater thingy before making mine. It's just not fun having pa.

Why doesn't anyone take my allergy seriously???


Why doesn't anyone take my allergy seriously???

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By peanut_mom on Thu, 03-31-05, 04:18

I don't drink coffee and tea has never affected me. However, I am now allergic to kiwi (which is quite common with peanut allergies).

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By Peanut on Wed, 04-13-05, 04:05

Be aware...so is eating mandarin oranges.

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By synthia on Wed, 04-13-05, 04:11

Quote:Originally posted by Peanut:
[b]Be aware...so is eating mandarin oranges.


Could you give me more detail on this????
Or is it troll season,I could be wrong.
Just asking.

Love this site


Love this site

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By ajgauthier on Thu, 04-14-05, 01:35

hi and great question!

I drank a half a cup of hazelnut coffee once...and got a horrible stomach-ache then realized the coffee tasted funny. Could have been psycho-somatic though once I realized it was hazel nut.

I don't use public coffee grinders for fear of cross-contamination (I am PA and TNA).

On the peanut cookie comment...I actually don't eat any baked goods out anywhere b/c of cross contamination issues!

on the kiwi --- interesting...I love yellow/gold kiwi, but the regular green kiwi makes my mouth a bit fuzzy.


30-year old survivor of sever peanut/tree nut allergy


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By millpz on Wed, 08-14-13, 18:09

Very interesting about the Kiwi. I had a minor reaction to Kiwi quite suddenly about 10 years ago and have avoided it ever since. I am PA and TNA.

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By krasota on Thu, 04-14-05, 03:20

I avoid this quite easily by not drinking flavored coffees. I buy flavored syrups--preferably organic cane syrups flavored with natural things. I'm not allergic to hazelnut, so Monin's organic hazelnut syrup goes into my daily latte. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img] For those worried about syrup cross-contamination, making flavored syrup at home is quite easy--simple syrup and natural flavor extracts.

I buy my coffee at Whole Foods--they don't sell wholebean flavored coffee that can be ground in the store at my store, so the grinder only handles unadulterated beans. It's easy to avoid this by getting a home grinder, but I have limited counterspace. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]



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By margaret on Fri, 04-22-05, 03:47

Yes, it is troll season again! I believe many of the northeastern states have school break this week - ugh!

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By misaok on Mon, 11-28-05, 21:13

I have had a reaction when I go in to a coffee shop if they have a nut coffee brewing and just from the smell of the coffee beans. Needless, to say I have never tried to actually drink any of it.

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By Mimom on Wed, 11-30-05, 14:06

I am 43 and TNA. I have not ever had a reaction to coffee, but only drink 8 O Clock coffee, which I grind at home. I do not drink anybody else's coffee. I do use CoffeeMate vanilla creamer, after being assured their flavorings are artificial. I never thought about tea, however. Is this a potential problem? I never eat baked goods unless I have made them. Not worth the risk.

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By Craiglewis on Sat, 06-01-13, 19:16

I can't find a list of peanut free coffees anywhere

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By Stephbergerca on Wed, 08-07-13, 03:40

I have a tree nut allergy and had an anaphylactic reaction to coffee last year. I used a Keurig coffee maker and am guessing there was cross contamination. It was a brand new box of coffee and was the only thing consumed that day.. I switched to tea after this mishap :(

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By millpz on Wed, 08-14-13, 18:07

Absolutely. Hazelnut coffee and anything with Bailey's or almond flavoring and from cross contamination in the grinder at the grocery store. Also cross contamination at Dairy Queen from the blenders.

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